It was a pity that the mother had to give up the baby in the stomach after pregnancy.

Before the age of 23, Meng Meng was smooth sailing. His parents were senior intellectuals. They gave Meng Meng a good education and cultural influence, allowing her to bring a book of books, quiet and elegant temperament.Since childhood, he has been obedient, sensible and intelligent. He has also been promoted to key universities in his studies in his studies. As soon as he graduated, he married a boyfriend with green plums.At the wedding, a pair of newcomers Lang talented women’s appearance made all guests envious.

After marriage, Mengmeng and in -laws were also good. After repeated urging of the family, Mengmeng quickly became pregnant, which was better.But Meng Meng’s pregnancy response was too heavy. At first, nausea and vomiting only happened in the morning. Everyone said that it was normal. After this period of time, it was naturally good.But who has thought that the vomiting of Meng Meng not only showed no signs of improvement over time, but became more and more frequent. It may vomit at any time, so that Mengmeng could not eat at all, and sometimes he spit out with saliva!After a few days, Mengmeng’s weight began to fall directly, which was thinner than when not pregnant, and always felt tired, dry skin, dry lips, and sunken eyes.There are few.These symptoms and mother -in -law began to feel wrong, and quickly took her to the hospital for examination.

Through examination, doctors found that Meng Meng’s pulse increased, blood pressure decreased, increased urine ratio, and even urine protein, urinary ketone positive, serum bilirubin, transaminase, and creatinine were increased.The doctor said that Mengmeng was "pregnancy drama vomiting".

Doctors said that pregnancy drama vomiting occurred in early pregnancy and diseases with nausea and frequent vomiting as important symptoms, with a incidence of 0.3%to 1%.Patients with malignant vomiting can also die due to acidosis, electrolyte disorders, and liver and kidney failure.It is more common in pregnant women who are pregnant for their first pregnancy. Symptoms can occur in about six weeks.

Hearing such a serious situation, Meng Meng’s mother and mother -in -law panicked. He quickly asked the doctor what to do?

The doctor arranges Mengmeng for hospitalization for 3 days, and a total of 3,000 ml of glucose and Link’s liquid daily. Add vitamin B6, vitamin C, and muscle injection vitamin B1; appropriate sodium bicarbonate, potassium, etc.Doctors say that after treatment, the condition can improve. If vomiting stops, symptoms can try to diet.

Mengmeng’s mother and mother -in -law took care of her every day, hoping that Mengmeng would get better soon. Mengmeng’s husband saw his beloved wife suffering such a crime, and said several times that he did not want children, but Mengmeng did not agree.She said, "I would rather suffer more than a baby, and I couldn’t lose my baby, and she could survive it."However, it was uncomfortable that the symptoms of Meng Meng continued to improve, and the fever continued to have a fever of 38 ° C, which continued to be proteinuria and jaundice.The doctor finally discussed with his family to give up this pregnancy, otherwise it may bring Mengmeng’s danger.

Although she couldn’t bear it, Mengmeng had to go to the operating table and undergo an artificial abortion surgery. She shed tears and said goodbye to her baby: Goodbye, there will be a mother and child in the next life.

After the operation, the doctor told Mengmeng and his family members that after half a month, you can consider re -pregnancy after half a year. You can do a detailed examination before pregnancy so that the doctor can understand the physical condition. When you are pregnant, you will have a pregnancy test in time. When you discover abnormalities, you will go to the hospital immediately.Just seek medical treatment and maintain a good mood. Don’t be afraid of pregnancy. Generally, pregnancy drama vomiting only occurs in the first pregnancy, so there is not much opportunity to post.

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