It’s 20 weeks pregnant, sometimes I feel like my stomach hurts

Today, I have been pregnant for more than 20 weeks and 2 days, and I have no response after survival.The baby is not very moved. Fortunately, it is normal to go to the hospital to check everything.However, in recent days, I always feel a little painful, and I have started to worry about all kinds of worries. I hurried to the hospital.I believe that many pregnant mothers have the same reaction and worry as me. It is not easy to want to be a mother.So, why is there a faint abdominal pain in the second trimester?

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Abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy means that when the uterus increases around 4 months of pregnancy, the uterine round ligament is pulled, and many expectant mothers will feel a little abdominal pain.Pregnant mothers often experience small abdominal pain in early pregnancy. If abdominal pain is mild, it can be relieved after rest. Generally, if abdominal pain is a burst, or continues to fall abdominal pain, just like before menstruation or menstruationThe pain during the period, accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, is likely to be a pathological phenomenon, and go to the hospital in time.

Abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy is easily confused with the following symptoms:

1. Abdominal pain in the third trimester: In the late pregnancy, as the fetus continues to grow, the abdomen and whole body burden of expectant mothers have gradually increased. In addition, the number of abdominal pain will increase significantly compared to the middle of pregnancy.

2. Early pregnancy abdominal pain: refers to the symptoms of abdominal pain in early pregnancy.Abdominal pain in early pregnancy, especially lower abdomen pain, should first think of whether it is pregnancy complications.Common complications include threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

3. Small abdominal pain in pregnant women: During pregnancy, those with small abdominal pain occur due to cell vein blocking or discharge, and poor qi and blood running.The pathogenesis of this disease is mainly blood deficiency, qi depression, deficiency, etc., which causes the cell veins to be blocked or the cell veins are defective, and the qi and blood are not running smoothly, so abdominal pain occurs.Its lesions are only in the cell veins and have not yet damaged the fetal element, but in severe cases, it can also be blocked by cell veins, blood veins are not allowed, and twives affect the fetal element.

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Symptoms of abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy

Physiological abdominal pain:

1. When the uterus increases around 4 months of pregnancy, the uterine round ligament is pulled, and many expectant mothers will feel somewhat abdominal pain.This pain is mostly located on the side or bilateral side of the lower abdomen, which is involved in pain, blunt pain or hidden pain. When taking a long way or changing position, the pain will become more obvious.

2. Excessive effort during intercourse in the second trimester can also cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers.

Pathological abdominal pain:

In the middle of pregnancy, the baby gradually grew up, and the stress in the abdominal cavity of the expectant mothers also rose.If the spare mother’s esophageal pores (the esophageal pipes are connected to the stomach through this cracks), the "esophageal crack holes" may occur, so abdominal pain may occur.At this time, abdominal pain is mostly accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, stomach acid back, and snoring.The incidence of about 30%to 50%during gestational hernia for esophageal pores, and sometimes symptoms are more obvious during the third trimester.

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Treatment of abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy

Abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy always distress the pregnant moms, because their physical pain and psychological torture, and at the same time fear of a series of diseases caused by abdominal pain to hurt the life of the fetus in the abdomen.What is the treatment of abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy?

1. Make more bed rest can be relieved

When you feel abnormal abnormalities such as waist soreness and severe abdomen, stop activities, take more rest, and pay attention to observation in time.Try to avoid sexual life.

2. It is recommended to eat less, eat less, eat less sweet, spicy, and too sticky food; it is not advisable to lie on the bed after meals, and do not lie too low. Try to reduce the stomach acid as littleThe stool is smooth.If you find the symptoms of gastric return flow, you can try to raise the upper body for about 20 °.If abdominal pain is accompanied by vaginal coffee -like and brown blood flowing out, you need to go to the doctor in time and treat tire preservation according to the doctor’s order.

Precautions for abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy

The second trimester refers to the time of 13-28 weeks of pregnancy. The abdomen of the pregnant woman in the middle of pregnancy start to increase, and the body of the pregnant woman may have headaches, abdominal pain, low back pain and other diseases. At this time, the matters that pregnant women should pay attention to gradually increase.What are the precautions for mid -term abdominal pain?

Pregnant women often complain about abdominal pain during pregnancy, or occasionally feel uncomfortable abdomen. Although abdominal pain during pregnancy may have nothing to do, it may also indicate that serious problems will occur.For severe or persistent abdominal pain during pregnancy, don’t take it lightly!

If your back pain is mild, you can do home massage exercises at home.At this time, the prospective father presented a great time, and quickly learned a few professional and authentic massage techniques to make a sweet massage every day for his beloved wife.In addition, you can also make local hot compresses. It can be used with hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. For half an hour a day, it can also reduce the pain.

Entering the second trimester, the appetite of expectant mothers gradually improved. During this period, the embryo development was completed. The placenta had been formed, the risk of miscarriage was greatly reduced, and the reaction of early pregnancy disappeared.

This is also a period of rapid development of the fetus. The expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy increased rapidly. This requires the expectant mothers to supplement enough thermal energy and nutrients to meet the needs of rapid growth of themselves and fetuses.It is worth noting that pregnant women cannot eat too much.Excessive eating will not only cause excessive burden on expectant mothers, but also cause gestational diabetes.

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