It’s not a good thing during pregnancy, but when you have a baby, you can be guilty!

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When pregnancy, adding a population at home is a happy thing, especially when pregnant women are happier, and enjoy the "queen" -like treatment throughout pregnancy.Uncomfortable!

Xiaoxia was the only daughter. She became pregnant shortly after her marriage. Xiaoxia’s parents and father -in -law were at the age of retirement. After pregnancy, Xiaoxia was at home with peace of mind, because the two were not far away.Going, if the husband did not go to work during the birth check, the husband and mother -in -law were accompanied by her husband and mother -in -law.

Xiaoxia said throughout pregnancy, don’t even wash under underwear, and feels that he has no strength to lie down and watch TV, especially in the late pregnancy. When Xiaoxia went to the hospital for a checkup, his mother was entrusted in front of him.In my belly, my mother -in -law was carrying bags, clothes and test sheets behind.In that situation, whoever saw it had to feel that this girl was really blessed!

I was too comfortable during pregnancy. When I gave birth to a child, I was convicted. I opened my fingers very slowly. Xiaoxia died and died. Finally, I turned around. I had a good physical condition. There was definitely no problem with the delivery. As a result, it was still a knife.

There are many pregnant mothers like Xiaoxia who are very "delicate" during pregnancy. They dare not do anything. Some are too nutritious, leading to various problems.In fact, it does not mean that the cesarean section must be bad, but it is necessary to choose to give birth. It must be good for children.

If you want to go smoothly, do this during pregnancy:

There is a little baby who absorbs calories in the stomach, so you can eat it. The old man often says this: Don’t give you a person alone, what about you now, eat more!In fact, the little guy in the belly can’t eat so much. As long as you keep the nutritional balance, you don’t have to eat too much. If you eat too much, one will cause the fetus to be too large, and the second pregnant mother will increase too much.

Pay attention to rest in the early stages of pregnancy, because the placenta has not grown in the early stage, and it takes more rest. In the middle of the pregnancy, the placenta is stable and the location is normal.Blood circulation is also good for children’s development.

The mood of the mother directly affects the development of the fetus. Don’t look at the little guy as if he doesn’t know anything in his stomach. In fact, the little guy is smart.I remember when I was four -dimensional, I was near the four -dimensional date, and I told my baby every night: Mom wants to take you to take photos, see what you look like, and you must cooperate with your mother. Do n’t be nervous!On the day of shooting four dimensions, the little guy was really powerful and successful.Therefore, children do n’t understand anything in the mother’s belly. He (she) can perceive the emotional change of the mother, and must maintain a good mood during pregnancy!

How do you spend during pregnancy?

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