It’s the end of the year, how to talk to the boss’s salary

The happiest thing for each worker may be the increase of wages.But the company’s boss is all old rivers and lakes, and now it is an epidemic. I am afraid that there will not be many bosses who have taken the initiative to increase salary. Then you want to increase your salary. What should I do?Tang Seng said well. If you want you, just say, how do he know that you want to raise your salary?In fact, it is important to talk to the boss.

It is recommended that students ask their two questions before looking for the boss to talk about raising their wages.First, why do you have to raise wages?Second, how to talk to the boss’s salary, do you talk?The most difficult thing in the company is to recognize ourselves, that is, how old are you old?Successful people can clearly locate themselves and know who they are and how many pounds.The failure of the failure knows.No one will think of a lot of money, right?However, the boss is the boss, he is not your dad, how much you want.If you are so lazy to do it, you can complain about every day, and the salary is messy. Then you ask the boss to raise your salary.

Many classmates have a misunderstanding. They will want to go to work so tiring and prices soaring, and how much wages should rise every year. This is simply unreasonable. In a word, what do you want to do, you still think about it.Didn’t Long Brother say?Rewarding is not comparable to work, but is proportional to the irreplaceableness of work. No matter how tired the toilet is scanning, it is not the general manager.Therefore, you must objectively evaluate your possibility of raising your salary before looking for your salary, and your wish may be realized.Come and ask yourself three questions. The first, do you have no salary for more than a year?Second, is your salary level really lower than the industry average?Third, if you leave this company, will your salary be higher?If the answers are yes, then you can rest assured and happily to find the boss to talk about raising your salary.

Talking about raising wages is also skillful. You must not directly talk about the boss to add money. This is not an attitude of talking about wages. Like robbery, I am afraid that the success rate will be very low.Don’t pretend to be poor.In the past, a classmate asked the boss to talk about raising their salary. The whole process was to cry and complain about the poor. When buying a house to repay the loan, the wife was pregnant, the child had to raise, etc., what still had a lot of life pressure, no money can be opened, etc.Let the boss look down on you and think that you just make trouble, and then pass you on the three words.In fact, it is a normal and reasonable thing to ask for salary increase. It is not that children who will call them have milk, and they will be reluctant to relieve you. The company is not a charity. The salary is not related to your difficulties.

In the face of normal reasonable salary increase, the company will evaluate.Students should evaluate themselves reasonably, understand the current situation of the company, and make a bamboo.Do this?

Let students talk about their wages with their goals, but don’t let you hard, talk about your own value, dedication and harvest.For example, your performance this year, how many new customers bring to the company, how much performance you can do in the future, how much value you create for the company.In a word to draw cakes for the boss. In this process, we need to convey to the boss that I have done well. If you trust and support me, I will do better in the future.Here we need the main, don’t shoot the boss too much, use the facts to speak, and use data to support your value.

The boss will not voluntarily increase the salary of employees. When it comes to this, he must be uncomfortable, so the students should go to the boss when the atmosphere is good. Don’t touch him when he just gets angry because of something.The moldy head.So one key is to find a good time.In addition, in the conversation, a happy atmosphere should be set up to avoid embarrassment or conflict.Through such conversations, the success of your wages will be higher.Do n’t make a lot of words in your heart. You must have a number in your heart, and which boss will not say that you will increase your salary, and he will add money to you immediately. A lot of excuses are waiting for you.patience.

If there is differences, stop first in this difference, return to your topic of consensus, and rebuild a soothing atmosphere.For example, if you have a job, you are the backbone. Most of them are your credit. The boss knows it, but he just wants to say that this is the team’s credit. Even the toilet sweeping the toilet has made contributions. In fact, this is the game.Students have no need to argue with him at all, who is the most important. If you debate, you fall into his words.You can jump out, talk about the meaning of the entire work to the company and your plan for the future.

First, there must be a comparison. For example, your assistant is much more than me, and you can directly say that your salary is lower than the industry average. This is the most critical reason.The second is to make the boss feel the crisis. In other words, if you do n’t raise your salary, I will leave. In fact, no one is irreplaceable. Only a replacement employee will be a pity. Although others can do it, it is not sensible.It can also be said that the current salary makes me have no motivation. I feel that it is good to dry and wages.The third is to make a fart. You just say the boss. Our company’s environment is the best in the industry. It is suitable for growing up. Following the boss can learn a lot of things. Although the salary is a bit low, I have been working hard and sincerely asking the boss.What needs to be done to raise wages. If you have done it well, the boss is satisfied with you, and the increase of wages is a matter of course.

Okay, let’s summarize. Students want to successfully raise their salary three points.First, the time of review and self -assessment; second, we must have real materials, achieve the performance of achievement, and third, randomly respond to shooting.

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