It’s the season to eat loquat again, but do you know the purpose of loquat seeds and loquat leaves?

Basically, everyone knows it. The main thing is that it tastes quite sweet and has high nutritional value. Therefore, everyone also sees that its market selling price is not cheap.

This season, it is the time when the lotus is mature, especially the friends in the countryside, plant two ravioli trees in front of their own door, watch the loquat slowly mature every day, and then take it off if you want to eat.One, the comfortable life in the countryside is not enough.

The picture above is not mature loquat

Loquat seed use

Anyone who has eaten loquat knows that the outer layer of the coriander is a delicious flesh, which is the hemp seeds.Everyone eats the flesh and spit out the slippery seeds inside when they eat it.So, do you know how to use it?Today I will tell you that it is actually more valuable than the delicious loquat flesh.

The seed seeds are the main ways of breeding of the loquat trees. The seeds that are eaten are buried in the soil, and the sapling will be produced in the second year.But what I want to say now is another medicinal value. There are too much medicinal value of the seed seeds (please check the information). I will not tell you one by one. I will tell you about it.Various products.

Loquat oil is used out with loquat seeds.Loquat oil is mainly used in washing supplies and medicine.For example, shampoo, cosmetics, etc. sold on the market with loquat components.In medicine, there are loquat oil components, such as cough syrup, loquat cream, and dew.

The practice of loquat seed bubbles is very common in rural areas and cities. In general, this belongs to a category of "public" recipes.There are many special effects of the medicinal wine sparkled by the seeds (please check the information), but the seeds cannot be eaten, otherwise there will be a danger of poisoning.

Graphs above seed seeds

Loquat leaf use

Loquat leaves, as the name suggests, is the leaves of the litter.

When it comes to loquat leaves, it is estimated that many people can’t think of it like me that it also has a special effect. Until one time I prescribed Chinese medicine for my friends in the hospital, I occasionally saw that there were a lot of loquat leaves in the hospital in the hospital.Planting Chinese medicinal materials (specifically please check the information).

Among the many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions prescribed by the doctor, the leaf leaves are a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. After asking, it can be known that it can also be boiled like ordinary herbal medicine.However, there are certain requirements for the picking of the loquat leaves. Generally, only the green leaves (green leaves are green -picked the loquat leaves) are dry.

In today’s loquat planting, in addition to selling loquat fruits, farmers are the most important income is to sell loquat leaves, and the seeds are the most expensive, but the market has not many.In the future, more loquat varieties will be cultivated to meet the market needs of coriander, seed seeds, and coriander leaves.

The above picture of loquat leaf

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