Japan’s "sewage into the sea" trial operation for two weeks, or lasts 30 years, can seafood be eaten in the future?

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Japan is a country that people have always been questionable, and a series of practices in this country are even more unreasonable, such as their decision to "sewage into the sea" decision.

I heard that the plan has been tried for two weeks, and it may last 30 years in the future. So the question comes. Can seafood be eaten in the future?

The Fukushima nuclear pollution incident occurred in 2011. After this incident, Japanese land and ordinary people were affected.

After years of hard work, it seems to have improved here, but some people will find that if you investigate the radioactivity level here, it is still as high as everyone dare not imagine, and there will still be a lot of terrible risks behind this.

The Japanese government has not chosen to swing badly. It has always been trying to find some effective ways to work, but it is a pity that no matter what method you choose, it has no good effect.

Nowadays, nuclear radioactive pollution is everywhere, and it may be full at any time.In the face of the current hidden dangers, the Japanese government needs to know that it must be relieved as soon as possible. It is very important to be an urgentity. It should not be ignored in every detail.

Some officials in Japan said that in the face of the dilemma in front of them, they should not choose to take an old road. At this time, they might as well pour all these wastewater into the ocean.

Some people think that such a approach is obviously not should not, and it is likely that all animals that survive the entire marine survival will be affected.

For human beings surrounding, and countries surrounding are unnecessary, this problem is very serious.

There are many fish in the marine ecosystem in Japan. Here, some people will pay more attention to the hidden problems behind this. How should it change?

Japan said that after choosing this operation, it has a good effect, can release part of the pressure, and can effectively reduce part of the radioactive substances.

However, some people know that it is impossible to absorb all harmful substances at all. Some of them are likely to contaminate creatures in the ocean.

These creatures will enter people’s mouths, and slowly will affect people’s health. Even if the relevant departments have always said that they will not affect everyone’s health after discharge, but no one will believe in this statement.It is impossible to bet on your health.

Even many institutions have begun to remind consumers that when choosing to buy seafood, do not ignore it. You should choose a correct method. You must ensure the regular channels of all seafood.s damage.

No matter what method Japan choose, it is impossible to completely reduce hidden dangers. Some people will say that these products from Fukushima can not flow into the market or enter the table of ordinary people.

After Japan decided to discharge, it really responded directly that it would prohibit the purchase of aquatic products from this place.

This means that my country has given some clear attitudes, so these other countries will still not take the health of ordinary people as bets.

my country is near Japan. Once Japan chooses to discharge nuclear radioactive substances into the ocean, it may have an impact on our country. Although it will not be clear, it is not a negligible.

Next, cooperation with environmental protection departments should be strengthened, which is bound to ensure that seafood from Japan is prohibited from entering the Chinese market, and it must not endanger the living environment of the people in our country.

In this case, it is also necessary to pay attention to it that it should strengthen the work with the entire international community. The efforts of a country alone have no effect. Under the efforts of many countries, they can put some pressure on Japan to stop this stupidity.the behavior of.

In this case, once there are obvious hidden dangers, Japan can ask Japan to bear the corresponding responsibilities, and then give us some compensation. Only everyone chooses to work together to truly protect the safety of the people and effectively maintain everyone’s health.

It can be seen that Japan’s approach has not been recognized by the world. This is exactly not the country’s safety as the first. This kind of approach will make countless people feel that there are some incredible, so some people will feel that they must improve itEssence

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