Jilin girl spent 500,000 foreign purchases of sperm and gave birth to a mixed -race baby, but was questioned by netizens

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Some people spend huge costs for giving birth to sperm?

Has been questioned by netizens after the baby was born?

Is it really selfish to meet the needs of children?

Or is it for other reasons?

Regarding the behavior of this Jilin girl who had a huge sum of money to buy sperm and raised the baby alone, we can learn more about the content below.

The Jilin girl named Ye Haiyang, who went to the United States to buy sperm at the age of 29, and grew up after the baby was born.

After this news circulated on the Internet, many netizens questioned.

In fact, Ye Haiyang has enough ability to buy sperm in the United States, and also has enough ability to raise children to grow up healthy, mainly from her admirable entrepreneurial road.

In 1988, Ye Haiyang was born in an ordinary working family.

Because there is only this child at home, Ye Haiyang’s living environment is very good, and the relationship with his parents is also very harmonious.

However, unfortunately encountered the wave of laid -off state -owned enterprises, and after the loss of parents, the family had no financial source at home. Life plummeted. To this end, Ye Haiyang chose to drop out of school to work and want to help the family improve the conditions.

At this time, Ye Haiyang had already learned from newspapers and TV that the economic development of southern my country was very prosperous.

Therefore, in order to seek opportunities, he came to Guangzhou alone.

After seeing various high -rise buildings and prosperous scenes, Ye Haiyang firmly strengthened his thoughts to stay in Guangzhou, and joined a cosmetics company to engage in sales.

Although it is very hard, this also allows Ye Haiyang to accumulate rich connections, because not only can it be exposed to the majority of customers, but also contacted major suppliers.

Therefore, under the continuous efforts, Ye Haiyang laid a solid foundation for his entrepreneurial road.

For a long time in the cosmetics industry, Ye Haiyang has a very clear understanding of the profits of makeup products, which has also led to her idea of wanting to start a business.

At that time, the cosmetics industry had just started, and major brands were fighting for the price war and had no time to take care of small companies. This also opened the way for Ye Haiyang to start a business.

At first, because of limited funds in hand, Ye Haiyang could only choose to become middlemen and earn income through the difference.

However, after a period of time, Ye Haiyang was not willing to earn the difference, so she started to go to various source factories for lobbying. Eventually, with her three -inch tongue, she finally won the source factory, and the profit was even more impressive.

After that, in order to expand the scale of production, Ye Haiyang wanted to make every effort to raise funds and founded a cosmetics company.

And through many years of hard work, he has established a foothold in the Guangzhou market and has become a female president who is extremely envious of many people.

Although seeing her daughter has such excellent achievements, Ye Haiyang’s parents were very happy.

But parents are also anxious, because they don’t want their daughters to be pretending at all, but they just want their daughters to marry a good person.

Ye Haiyang has only cared about Ye Haiyang, who has been doing his career over the years. At the age of 29, he still has no boyfriend, which has made her parents worried.

Under the urging of his parents, Ye Haiyang also participated in many blind dates, but there was no result.

Because Ye Haiyang’s image is relatively unique, she does not keep her hair and wear skirts like the girl in the impression.

Instead, it is to be able to better work hard to leave short hair and wear casual outfits.

If you don’t know that Ye Haiyang is a girl, even at a glance, he will only think she is a boy.

Therefore, in the process of blind dates, everyone cannot accept the masculine Ye Haiyang. Many boys reject Ye Haiyang for the reason for inconsistency.

In addition, there are some blind dates to come into contact with Ye Haiyang for bad purposes.

Because Ye Haiyang has worked hard for many years and already has tens of millions of net worth, after seeing this strong strength, many blind date objects have revealed their true colors.

I have spoken a lot of unpleasant words. For example, they are 30 years old and have not yet become a family. It has long been valuable. Even if there are tens of millions of netizens?

There are even many targets that Ye Haiyang must not marry. The price directly allows Ye Haiyang to buy a villa to buy a sports car, so he promised to get along or marry Ye Haiyang.

These ideas really shattered Ye Haiyang’s three views.

Therefore, on the road of blind dates, Ye Haiyang did not meet a man who could fit with himself, and even didn’t expect much about marriage.

Moreover, the so -called widowed marriage was also seen on major news software. Many husbands did not have the ability to support their families, let alone bear the responsibility of supporting their families, and even scolded their wives and children.

Therefore, Ye Haiyang was very resistant to marriage and even strengthened the idea of not being married.

After putting forward the idea of not marriage, Ye Haiyang’s parents were very anxious.

Because she is a girl at home, and as a traditional family, they also hope that their girls can marry a good family. In the next half of their lives, they can be taken care of by her husband. After the old, they can be accompanied by children.

For this reason, Ye Haiyang also thought a lot, but there was no way to solve his parents’ concerns.

Until one day, when Ye Haiyang browsed the news, he accidentally found news about buying sperm.

Because of buying and selling sperm in China, Ye Haiyang learned that he can buy high -quality sperm in the United States and does not break the law.

At this time, Ye Haiyang had the idea of test tube babies. She thought that after giving birth to a child, her parents did not need to worry about no one to accompany, and would not urge herself to get married and married.

And she now has a very strong family situation, and it is very easy to raise a child.The biggest problem is to convince your parents.

Because Ye Haiyang once firmly stated that he was not married, he also impressed his parents.

So when Ye Haiyang was willing to accept test tube babies and gave birth to a child for himself, his parents were also very open -minded and accepted the idea.

Even after having a child, Ye Haiyang can be accompanied by, and it is not necessary to be wronged in marriage. It is a matter of beauty.

To this end, parents support Ye Haiyang very much and say they will help Ye Hai to bring their children.

Ye Haiyang, who was supported by his parents in 2017, arranged his company properly, and then took a plane to the United States.

At this time, she was looking forward to having a child who belonged to her. After understanding, she chose a very trustworthy institution and said that she must choose high -quality sperm.

Because only the father’s gene is strong enough, the child born will be smarter and more beautiful.

To this end, the organization also strictly screened, and finally selected the result of the needs of Ye Haiyang.

It is a high -quality student with a descent of the four kingdoms.

To this end, Ye Haiyang also spent a huge amount of cost to buy this sperm.

Of course, during the pregnancy, Ye Haiyang also suffered a lot of sins. It finally spent more than 500,000 yuan. After ten months, the baby belonging to Ye Haiyang was finally born. He was a mixed and healthy daughter with the five nations.

Ye Haiyang hoped that his daughter would be brave and fearless, so he named it Doris.

In order to record her daughter’s arrival, Ye Haiyang also sent her own pregnancy, test tube, and baby to give birth to a social media agency.

However, it caused heated discussions. Netizens’ doubts followed. They believed that Ye Haiyang had lost his daughter to his dad and could not experience the happiness of the family in order to meet the needs of having a child.

Even netizens believe that Ye Haiyang’s series of behaviors is to improve the popularity of his company.

After encountering the evil review, Ye Haiyang also stood up bravely to respond.

She said that she just wanted to have a baby with her ability, and she did not violate the law, nor did she affect anyone’s life. This is not selfish.

And in order to satisfy the baby’s curiosity, she even took a group of photos from the watermelon to be able to explain the whereabouts of my dad. It is very interesting.

The most important thing is that Ye Haiyang has enough ability to raise his daughter to grow up.

People have enough capital, and they have fulfilled their responsibilities to be a mother, and raised their daughters particularly well. Isn’t this much better than those fathers who have given birth to children but ignore them!

Although it was questioned by netizens, Ye Haiyang still recorded the growth of her daughter’s growth and sent it to social media.

It can be seen that Ye Haiyang provides the best conditions for her daughter in clothing, food, housing, and transportation, and in addition to work, she will accompany her daughter to eat and sleep, read books and play.

She really brought her mother’s love to her daughter, and her parents would help her bring her children, often dinner and chat, etc. The family’s life was very happy.

After seeing Doris grow up healthy and safe, many netizens have changed their previous ideas.

Even without a father, Ye Haiyang had the responsibility of his mother, and he firmly grew up with his daughter.

In fact, there are many single -parent children who do not have a father or mother like a DORIS in life. They also work hard to grow up with the company of the mother or father.

Therefore, compared to those who are not scolded for their children, they can be full of love and care for their children or mothers who grew up healthy.

Ye Haiyang is like this. Not only will he grow up with his daughter, but he will also go out with his parents. It can be described as the responsibility of his daughter and mother!

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