Kate’s sister Peipa gave birth to 2,000 yuan, and she stepped on a skateboard before giving birth to a low -key dress to cover her pregnant belly.

Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews welcomed their second child.

Kate’s sister Pippa gave birth to a daughter on Monday morning, named Grace Elizabeth Jane Matthews.Baby weighs 6 pounds and 7 ounces (about 6 catties).The middle name of Grace was paid tribute to her grandmother Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Jane Matthews, and Elizabeth may also be a subtle recognition of the family royal relationship.A source tells you hello: "Mother and daughter are very good." "She is perfect, and everyone is overjoyed."

Just a few days ago, millions only gave the Papa big belly to play skateboarding car with a son. Harris Wharf gray three -buckle coat she wore at the time was very slim and completely covered up. Even the small newspaper media was deceiveIt was only 6-7 months. I did not expect that for a few days, the child fell to the ground.

Before giving birth, I also played such a dangerous skateboarding car to go shopping.

The entire process of Pipa Huai was very low -key, and the news was released until Christmas, but she appeared in an ugly sweater, and the loose sweater was completely invisible. It was 6 months of each other.Kate’s mother Carole Middleton only confirmed that Pipa was pregnant with a second child in an interview with "Good Housekeeping" magazine two weeks ago.

Pippa’s usual dress is also very meaty, such as on Friday (two days before giving birth), and still strolling in London. At that time, she was wearing a jeans with jeans with khaki jacket outings.It was also perfectly covering her belly before giving birth. The state was so amazing at the time. This situation was not a problem.

Another recently out of the coat is a plaid model. Pippa uses a black turtleneck sweater to base, and the two rows of buttons are built up.But it is still difficult for you to guess for a few months, it is really a magical belly.

Pippa has never published any comments on her pregnancy and hopes to maintain a low -key public image, so there is a low -key and false low -key to follow. It is said that it should protect privacy., I also signed a streaming media to worry that people do not pay attention to themselves, that is, fake low -key.There is no doubt that this news is good news for Kate and his three little babies, especially after the explosive interview with the Hamame couples on Oprah, which is extremely difficult for the royal family.

The little guys are the same age, and they can have a few more playmates in the future. As for the Hollywood princesses, there is a distance between Britain and the United States, and the three young people are not worthy.The British Sunday is Mother’s Day. The three primary schools only offer their own paintings and dedicated to Diana, the mother’s mother, and Charlotte’s phrase "Dad misses you".I wrote down my name crooked, and I could see more attentive.

The prince George is seven years old, draws a good hand, and presents the landscape landscape for grandma.

And Charlotte’s writing is very good, "Dad miss you very much" to make the entire royal family’s current state clear.

In addition to the royal family as cousins, Pippa’s children also have two cousins: Spencer Matthews and his Irish model wife Vogue WilliamsThe two children, Theodore Frederick Michael and the five -month -old Gigi Margaux Matthews.Kate and Pippa’s younger brother James Midelton (33 years old) also engaged with Alizee theventt, France, and got married if it was not for the epidemic period.

It is said that people who will shut up are the smartest. The rich teams like to make a lot of wealth. Seeing Kate’s mother Karor "do more", take the family to let the middle class directly advance to the relatives of the emperor, and all children become families to become families.The establishment of the room, all of which are the winners of life, this is really happy.

Carol told the "Good Butler" magazine that her children like to bring their children by themselves, regardless of nanny or assistant, because she is a grandmother who has to do everything in person.

On Sunday Mother’s Day, the royal family also put Carol’s photos with Kate’s childhood into the public media, enjoy the "royal" equal treatment, and Song Song and mothers’ love. In the photo, Carol wore a purple flower pregnant woman’s skirt and led it in her hand.With two years old Kate, Kate wore a small white skirt and looked very much like Louis Prince.

Carol described her "very family -oriented", and she said that she has been "working hard to become the grandmother and mother -in -law of the listener of the son -in -law William and Pippa’s husband, James Matthews."

"As long as I have the ability, it is what I will do. I cook with them, stroll around when dancing, we ride a bicycle together."

On the other side, the sister of the father and mother went on TV and dismantled it. The father also came out to speak, forgive me for forgiveness, a house of chickens flying dogs, tutoring, will still be contagious.

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