Kneel 19 minutes!She has been pregnant for 3 months.

The nurse’s festival is near, and a photo of a categorian kneeling in front of the bed "supports" life has moved countless people.This warmth scene occurred in the obstetrics department of Qifu Hospital in Guangdong, the maternal umbilical cord was prolapsed, the fetus was hanging a line. Qiu Lidan, who had been pregnant for 3 months, kneeled for 19 minutes and insisted on holding the fetal head in the birth canal and won valuable time for surgery rescue time.In the end, the mother and child were safe.

Multipliers who kneel on the knees under the operating table

Dangerous in the evening, the maternal umbilical cord signs a sudden umbilical cord

At 6 am on April 23rd, Ms. Zhu, a pregnant mother at 39 weeks of pregnancy, had symptoms of giving birth and was given birth at the Guangdong Qifu Hospital.When the palace mouth was opened to 3 cm, the fetal heart monitoring suddenly appeared abnormal, and the fetal heart sound decreased. The midwife Qiu Lidan immediately inspected that the vaginal port could be touched by a cable -shaped object, accompanied by arterial beam, and consistent with the fetal heart frequency.Qiu Lidan, who was experienced in clinical experience, immediately flashed four words in his mind -umbilical cord drooping!

She immediately continued to hold her fetal head through her mother’s vagina to reduce the oppression of the umbilical cord, while calling for a duty doctor."If the fetal head is ligted with hand, the umbilical cord blood is completely blocked, and the fetus can suffocate in about 3-5 minutes, and even the dying in the palace." Qiu Lidan recalled that she had been kneeling with one knee and kept a lifting posture.Wu Risong, a doctor on duty, notified the emergency cesarean section after the second line. The operating room, anesthesiology, and neonatal department and other departments were coordinated. Dr. Cai Shuoqing, a gynecological department, quickly arrived at the scene to support it.

Kneel 19 minutes

She entrusted her new life in 3 months of pregnancy

in surgery

On the operating table, the doctor did not dare to relax for a while, and he would be rescued in seconds. He successfully took out the fetus at 6: 42. The 6 -pound more young guy cried loudly and made all the medical care.

Under the operating table, Qiu Lidan has been kneeling on one knee, from inspection to the movement room, caesarean section surgery, and the fetus falling to the ground. In 19 minutes, she kept a lifting posture, even if her fingers, legs and waist had been numb.EssenceShe forgot that she was also a prospective mother and was pregnant for 3 months.

The photos of Qiu Lidan’s support came out that many pregnant mothers were moved. This is a move that ordinary people are difficult to adhere to. Besides, she is a pregnant woman, "Life entrusts more than Taishan!" Sui Zhen, director of obstetrics, gave her a high evaluation.

Baby score 10 points

Director Sui Zhen introduced that the umbilical cord prolapse is one of the urgency of obstetrics, with an incidence rate of 0.1%to 0.6%. If the umbilical cord blocking occurs for 5 minutes, the fetus may die. Obstetrics need to respond quickly and immediately perform first aid and disposal.Director Sui Zhen also reminded you expectant mothers that if a umbilical cord is prolapsed, he should immediately take a bed in a back -up or side position to rest, pay attention to the height of the hips, or use the knee and chest position to reduce the compression of the umbilical cord and keep this action until the action is until the action is until the action of the cord.The ambulance was sent to the hospital and cooperated with the doctor’s first aid treatment.

Text | Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Hui Correspondent Pan Zengli

Picture | Interviewee provided

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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