Knowledge of cold during pregnancy: "Sour Sour Girl" is a physiological needs. There are three reasons for pregnant women who like these tastes.

Studies have confirmed that pregnant women like sour food and meet the physiological and nutritional needs during pregnancy.

The sour girl is almost well -known "knowledge of pregnancy", and it is a classic bridge section in the TV series. People around the sugar mother often judge the gender of the fetus in the abdomen through the taste of pregnant women.

Those who have watched "Rugao Biography" must remember the scene in the play. Rugao asked Jiang Tai to take the pulse and learned that he was happy and worried after he was pregnant with a male child.The male emperor was naturally happy, but it was inevitable that the concubines were jealous and even calculated.So she came up with a trick to make everyone think she was pregnant with a girl.

Rugao deliberately eat all kinds of spicy foods every day, and wants to show the illusion of "sour girls" to the people around him. Even his mother and emperor have to hide.

Those who have seen Ruyi diet also believe that she is pregnant with a girl. The news spread, and many people stole their joy behind them.

In fact, Rugao especially wants to eat sour. Every night, she will hide in the bed tent and let Rong Pei take the acid apricot to eat happily.In the end, Rugao gave birth to a male treasure in everyone’s "expectation", and Jin Yuyan realized that she was deceived.

"Biography of Rugao" can be said to reflect the "sour girl".The sugar mother chased the drama with her pregnant girlfriend at the time, and this plot also made the little pregnant woman nervous.

Girlfriends have always liked girls, but she always wanted to eat sourness after pregnancy. Her husband and mother -in -law often reminded her that she might be pregnant with a boy. This made her girlfriend very depressed.Essence

Is the sour girl not allowed?Sugar mom often sees some people on the Internet, but combined with my own experience, and the pregnancy experience of girlfriends and colleagues, the sour girl is not accurate, and there is no scientific basis.

The fetus is determined by chromosomes. At the moment of becoming a fertilized egg, it is a man or a woman, and it has little to do with the taste of the pregnant woman.

Although the sour girl said that it has been rurally credible for many years, it also has a certain degree of credibility in people’s hearts, but the accuracy rate is too low, which affects the changes in the taste of pregnant women.

★ Pregnant women need "sour" food

In general, there are more pregnant women who like to eat sour, but not because of the boy.The sugar mother always wanted to eat sour fruits. She liked to drink iced drinks with lemon slices. After eating the sour taste, she felt a lot of appetite and very comfortable.But before pregnancy and after delivery, I am not interested in sour taste.

From the perspective of biology, the changes in various hormones in pregnant women in the early pregnancy will inhibit progesterone inhibitory secretion and affect digestive function. The sour taste can stimulate gastric acid secretion. Therefore, the sour taste is not only changes in the taste of pregnant women, but also physiological needs.

★ Sour and spicy can suppress the feeling of disgusting

In the taste of sweet and sour, bitter and salty, sour and spicy taste have a strong sense of stimulation of pregnant women, and can suppress and relieve nausea to a certain extent.Therefore, for pregnant women, when you feel uncomfortable, "drink more hot water" is not as comfortable as "hawthorn".

★ It may be related to "the taste of hometown"

Pregnant women finally choose sour or spicy, depending on women’s pregnancy feelings and usually eating habits.The sugar mother has seen a Chengdu girl. She gave birth to two male treasures, but she loved spicy food during pregnancy. This is her eating habits and preferences in her hometown.

Having said that, it is meaningless to study the "sour girl". The sugar mother wants to tell you that the expectant mothers are that these two flavors of food are not recommended to eat more during pregnancy.

First of all, it is obvious that the stomach is not good. It is more uncomfortable to eat spicyness when reaction to vomiting. If the sugar mother eats a table of spicy vegetables like Rugao, it is estimated that the stomach hurts for a long time.

In fact, in addition to sourness and spicy during pregnancy, there are many flavors and foods suitable for pregnant women. The sugar mother feels very comfortable at first eating acid, but it feels like eating more.

Every month and every week during pregnancy, the fetus and pregnant women have different changes, and the nutritional needs are different. If it is only entangled in acid and spicy food, it may delay the development of fetal treasure.

Sugar mom recommends that expectant mothers prepare the same recipes during my pregnancy. In October, she was pregnant, how to open appetite in the early pregnancy, why she loves spicy during pregnancy, and how to ensure that "long fetus is not meat" can find the answer.

Nearly 200 foods, exquisite colored pictures printing, and the rich cooking method is simple, which can ensure that expectant mothers eat each month.

At the same time as creative and delicious, each dish has different effects, alleviate constipation, prevent anemia, etc., to meet the nutrition required for different months.

One thing that this book sugar is preferred is that in addition to telling us what they can eat, they will also intimately explain the physical changes of pregnant women and fetuses and precautions. The prospective father can also learn a lot of pregnancy knowledge after reading it.

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