Known as a "pregnant woman fruit", was it pulled down the altar?

"Autumn and winter flowers, spring in spring and summer", it is said that this seasonal fruit: 枇.For a long time, Xiaobian’s impression of 印 is to relieve cough and asthma, moisturize the lungs and phlegm, and do not cooked sour without autumn.

Recently, it happened to be the mature season of the Yangtze River Basin. Xiaobian opened a certain treasure to see if you could pre -sale.

Good guy, is this a symbol of a child?Boss, do you dare to take out the ingredient table and see what magical ingredients it has?

I do n’t know how to vomit too much. I can only ask Du Niang to see if there is any scientific explanation.As a result, the editor was also beaten: the effect of cough without cough and asthma!

There are also the following rumors. If you do n’t say it ’s completely right, there are a lot of intercourse:

"Honeymine Chuanbei Tong", good things, cough and asthma, nourishing yin and moisturizing, is there no problem?After all, say that in the manual!

First of all, the ingredients used in the ointment are bitter loquat leaves, not water glutinous water and glutinous loquat;

Secondly, what can be relieved of cough and moisturizing is Chuanbei and licorice in the cream … It is not exactly the same as that it cannot be said to be the same. It can only be said that it has nothing to do.

In the end, ordinary pharyngitis can alleviate without eating more hot water. Of course, if you are sweet, you can also say it!

It turned out that it was rich in carotene … (Carrot: I want to call the police.) Carotene will be converted into vitamin A in the human body, which helps to ensure nutrition and fetal development during pregnancy, but what the merchant will tell you is that vitamins will not be that vitamin is vitamin.A much will increase the risk of fetal deformity!

Moderate amounts!And carotene mostly appears in orange -red fruits and dark vegetables. What oranges, persimmons, etc. contain carotene. There are actually many fruits and vegetables that can be selected!

Another: The amount of sugar content of loquat cannot be underestimated. Do not listen to the beauty of the beauty during pregnancy.

This sentence is true, because the coriander contains cyanide substances that are prone to poisoning, just eat meat. If you don’t eat it, please take one. Don’t bite!

Many times, in order to have a good sales, merchants will put met metaphysical coats for various fruits and vegetables.Eat more fruits, and it is absolutely right to keep the diversity of diet, and if we eat fruit, isn’t it just delicious and happy?

Loquat is about to go public, and it will take it for its sweetness and juicy, and Xiaobian will take it back to the five internal organs!

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