Korean actress Li Minying, her husband punched and kicked abortion at 15 weeks, divorced after 13 days of marriage

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Since ancient times, there have been beautiful women in South Korea, and there are many beautiful women every year. There are many this year. Whether it is natural or acquired, South Korea is really a popular actress.

Like Lin Yuner, Jin Hyuna, Li Xiaoli, and Sun Naen, are the most popular actresses in South Korea today.

Today, the 6 sister wants to say the title of "oxygen actress" in South Korea. She is an actor -Li Minying.

Li Minying, born in 1976, Korean actress, maybe everyone is not very familiar with her. She has been famous in South Korea and performed a lot of TV series.

Her masterpieces include "Unbearable Love", "Drifting Love", "Love and Desire", etc. Li Minying graduated from the Department of Drama and Film of Tan Guo University, which is equivalent to the Central Academy of Drama in my country. The audience’s recognition.

She won the newcomer award of the Korean MBC Acting Awards in 1996. She looks dignified and elegant, beautiful, and she gives the audience a beautiful longing, so she is also called "oxygen actress" by the audience.

In December 2006, Li Minying brought her pregnancy and married actor Li Can. Li Minying, who was married to Fengzi, looked forward to the birth of the baby and looked forward to the happiness of a family of three.

Li Minying and Li Can were the same age. In 2000, they cooperated in the Korean drama "Only Love You". In 2005, they cooperated again in 2005. They performed the spark of love in the Korean drama "Unpredictable Love".

However, the plan could not keep up with the changes in reality. The beauty of Li Minying turned into a bubble after 13 days.

What Li Minying never expected was that the newly -married husband was a human face. After marriage, he had a family violence against Li Minying.Unfortunately aborted.

This ridiculous marriage announced the divorce after only 13 days of maintenance. According to Li Minying himself, as early as the two were still in love, her husband hit her.It made her intolerable!

Li Minying’s destruction was quickly spread in the Korean entertainment industry. She was sympathetic to the Korean people, but psychological damage fell in Li Minying’s heart permanently.

Since then, she has been showing more and more time, and occasionally a film and television work, but her temperament is completely different from before. Until today, she did not seek another love, which shows the depth of damage.

Some time ago, the exposure of Yuya was also a sensation in the domestic violence incident, and the Yuba who chose to patience for the patience again and again finally broke out completely.

This incident has also been on CCTV’s "Today’s Story", which shows that "domestic violence" has become a very common phenomenon.

I hope that this world will really respect women in this world. Do not spend too much money with women’s love. Family violence is only 0 times and countless times. I really hope that the word will disappear forever in the future!

Are you distressed?

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