Kun Ling is about to find out that the third child is unexpectedly discovered: buying a powerful medicine for constipation to find a strong medicine for pregnancy

In January of this year, Jay Chou exposed the good news of the pregnancy of Kun Ling. This is the third child in the 7 years since the two of them have been married.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Kun Ling is about to give birth to a third daughter. The cover of the "ELLE" magazine she filmed earlier was publicly covered in early May and exposed the content of Kun Ling’s interview.

Kun Ling revealed in the interview that she found that her third child was purely an accident. Last year, their family went to France to travel. During the period, they also took children to learn riding. At that time, because of a little constipation, Kun Ling went to the pharmacy to buy medicines.Effective medicine needs to be determined that there is no pregnancy. Kun Ling believes that it is impossible to get pregnant, but the result is unexpected. Since Kun Ling is pregnant.

During the interview, Kun Ling said that Jay Chou believed that this was the best birthday gift. He said that Zhou Dong still has childishness so far. He often uses his own magician and likes to scare others.Success.

The two of them gave birth to their daughter "Xiao Zhou Zhou" and his son "Xiao Xiao Zhou" for seven years. At the beginning of the year, he announced that he was pregnant with a third child. The due date was in May.Kun Ling posted on April 22 that the third child was a daughter. She shared a family of four, and asked netizens if she guess the right.

In fact, some people revealed that Kun Ling was pregnant with her daughter, but the couple pay attention to privacy and do not want netizens to pay too much attention. If Kun Ling was not found to be a pregnant belly party, Jay Chou might have been concealed to her daughter all the time to her daughter.It was only announced that the good news was announced.

According to Taiwan media, after Kun Ling’s pregnancy, Jay Chou put down his job and concentrated on accompany his wife to give birth. During the period, he took Kunling to the park to take a walk to take pictures.

In early April, Jay Chou suddenly was unwell in the hospital, but did not find the cause. He went home that night when he got a needle. Jay Chou had posted a post for help netizens, suspected that he had panic disorder, and he had symptoms such as breathing, hand numbness.

Jay Chou suffers from severe genetic rigid spinal inflammation. It is estimated that the fetus in the abdomen will also be affected by this.I also hope that Zhou Dong is healthy and share good news with you as soon as possible.

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