Learn from me to learn Chinese medicine: Learn from me with Chinese medicine series 3, pregnant women taboo medicine

In addition to the conventional eighteen anti and nineteen fear of compatibility taboos, pregnant women have special requirements and taboos.

Drugs that promotes blood circulation and blood and blood stasis can easily lead to abortion; toxic drugs or large bias, which can easily make fetal poisoning or malformations, abnormal development, and abortion.These are all medicines that pregnant women cannot use. They must not appear in the traditional Chinese medicine formula regulating for pregnant women. For contraindications for pregnant women, they must be strictly grasped.Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences!

Pregnant women taboo songs, that is, pregnant women avoid using medicine songs:

Poistic leech and tapeworm,

Wutou aconite with Tianxiong.

Wild mercury co -beans,

Achyranthes and cow.

Three -edge 代 代 三 三 musk,

Euphorbia cicada molt pornography.

Tooth nitritan nitrogen, pearl,

Huaihua Morning Bull Sapoon is the same.

Pinellia Nanxing and Tongcao,

Qu Mai dry ginger Tao Rentong.

Sand dry lacquer crab claws,

The roots of the ground gallbladder were lost.

Among them, 螈 蝾螈 蝾螈, for 蚖.Spots, spots.Tong, Muyun.Daisu, as a vermiculite.Yellow female yellow is majestic and female yellow.Peony, Danpi.The glory is a glory, that is, the second ugly, black ugly, and white ugly.Tong, Muyun.Crab, crab.Dilen, for the ground gallbladder.Mao Gen is White Mao Gen.

For pregnant women’s taboos, this is the main.Of course, it is not limited to this.Other medicines such as dragon grass, gardenia, mountain bean roots, Bupleurum, Dongbaozi, splash flour, raw land, etc., all the medicines that are not suitable for maternity or pregnant women should be used as a result.Intersection

In general, all the blood circulation and removing blood stasis, cooling blood and detoxification drugs, qi drive the wind, bitter cold and clear thermal drugs. When prescribing prescriptions for pregnant women, try to avoid use, especially not to use it in large quantities!

When traditional Chinese medicine treats the elderly, children, pregnant women, and physical people, use medicine and treatment.

Pregnant women are related to 2 lives, related to family inheritance and life genes, and they need to act carefully!Do not use the medicine for Menglang!

In principle, pregnant women can try not to take medicine without medication.

As for pregnant women with saffron or toxic drugs, only Chinese medicine masters dare to use it.Remember not to use ordinary Chinese medicine workers!IntersectionIntersection

In the book "Thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine", Liu Lihong introduced his master to the example of his master’s saffron and giving his pregnant wife for healing. Friends can check.

Drugs for pregnancy of pregnant women must be observed!

Drugs for pregnancy of pregnant women must be observed!

Drugs for pregnancy of pregnant women must be observed!

Emphasized things 3 times!IntersectionIntersection

As for breaking the taboos, it must be a master of traditional Chinese medicine with teachers’ experience and practical experience.

Remember!Remember!Do not break the taboos at will!IntersectionIntersection

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