Lecture 33, you can’t think of it, it will take so long after cesarean section to get pregnant again?

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Caesarean section generally calls the public as a cesarean section.

As the name implies, the stomach is cut away and the baby is taken out.

The most impressive cesarean section is the scar on the stomach.

But it is marked in the picture. In fact, the doctor cuts far more than that layer of scars.

Doctors peel the women’s body like onions.

Skin, fat, muscles, fascia, peritoneum knows the innermost uterus.

The front layer in front is the same as all abdominal surgery. The most important thing is the last layer to cut the uterine.

When this scar heals, many people may think that the body is recovered.In fact, the most important scar of cesarean clinic is not on the belly but on our uterus.

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The uterus is like an inverted pocket. His opening is down, and the uterine wall has a very thick muscle composition.When pregnancy, it accepted our baby. As the baby increased, this pocket gradually increased.

In the process of uterine enlarged, the thick uterine wall will gradually increase and thin.

It’s like blowing balloon.As the balloon increases.The balloon will become thinner and even translucent.

But because the muscles are continuous.Have a strong ability to resist stretch.Therefore, although the uterus can be thinner, it will not break.

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The cesarean section will draw a mouth on this bag, and then suture again. This mouth destroys the integrity of the uterus.

In the later stages of pregnancy, the fetus and amniotic fluid and the placenta were not 10 pounds. The uterus was supported and round. At this time, the uterine wall was very thin.

However, the cesarean section surgery cut off the uterine muscles. At the incision, the muscles were no longer continuous, but instead replaced the original muscle fiber by the scar tissue hyperplasia.

The characteristics of scar organization are lack of elasticity and rigidity.

So the natural uterine incision is not as firm as the original.It can be understood as a patch on a bag, and this bag is naturally not as strong as.

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There are scars on the uterus, so the local firmness of the uterus must be damaged.

But this does not mean that women with cesarean section have lost their chance to give birth.

Although scar tissues are not normal, they are not firm.But scar tissue will continue to grow aging.The process of proliferation aging can be understood as a process of self -reinforcement of scar organization.

We give this time for two years, that is, letting the scar in the uterine incision healed well, growing stronger.

The proliferation of normal human body scars is at least 6 months.Even with external stimuli, scar tissue may continue to proliferate.

So in order to ensure the sufficient hyperplasia and solidification of the scar tissue.Medical will recommend that cesarean section will consider pregnancy for more than two years.

Maybe there are people who have become pregnant after she gave birth to Europe, and they have given birth to a healthy baby.

However, the pregnant woman behind this will bear a considerable risk of uterine rupture. This risk has not happened or is controlled by the doctor, so they are all happy.

If this risk happens, it will endanger the two lives of mothers and fetuses.

Just like running a red light, it does not follow the possibility of traffic rules. It does not have a traffic accident, but the probability of traffic accidents is greatly increased without compliance with traffic rules.

For example, from the original 1/10000 to 1%.On the surface, there is a small probability event.But risks have been enlarged by 100 times.

Therefore, on the road, we must abide by the traffic rules, and to follow the medical principles of pregnancy.

I am a doctor and gynecological department, and I welcome everyone to pay attention to praise and ask questions and criticize.

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