Leg cramps during pregnancy, I can’t sleep in pain!Understanding these 3 points can help relieve pain

As the uterus continues to expand, the body of the pregnant mother also changes accordingly, and cramps, tingling and numbness in the legs, especially when sleeping at night, may suddenly be awakened.

In this case, my mother said that she was more serious when she was pregnant, and even stood unstable and it was easy to fall.My wife’s condition during pregnancy is better. Although there are cramps, they are not unstable.

In the second trimester, many pregnant mothers have experience in night cramps, which feels uncomfortable.

Generally, these reasons are caused by these reasons.

1. Calcium deficiency

Generally speaking, most leg cramps are caused by calcium deficiency.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the demand for calcium has increased significantly.When the calcium intake of pregnant mothers is insufficient, the baby will compete for the calcium in the mother’s body, causing the leg cramps, back pain and other symptoms.

2. Excessive food intake of pickled food

Phosphorus in pickled and processing foods will prevent calcium from depositing into the bones. If pregnant mothers like to eat these foods, leg cramps will be more likely to come to you.

In addition, over -sedentary or over -cold, cold, and overwhelming fatigue is also one cause of lower limb spasm.By the third trimester, the uterus increased, and the blood of the lower limbs was poorly running, which would also cause frequent leg cramps.

The best way to solve pregnant mothers’ leg cramps is calcium supplement.

Every morning a cup of high calcium milk, eat more foods with high calcium content, such as bone soup, etc. After persisting for a period of time, you will find that leg cramps will significantly improve.

My wife will insist that there is only one reason for various discomforts: for children.As a husband, although we cannot bear the pain for our wives, we can do these things to help our wives reduce pain.

1. Massage the calf belly

When my wife has a cramp, we can massage my wife’s calf, or let my wife sit on the bed, straighten her legs, hold her ankle in one hand, hold her feet with one hand, bend up, so that the feet are outward, butRelieve leg cramps.

2. Ginger and water soak your feet

Soaking your feet with ginger water before going to bed can not only relieve fatigue, but also promote blood circulation and help sleep.

We can cut the ginger and boil it with water, and feel the water temperature with our hands. When the temperature is reduced to the foot (about 45 °), it is most suitable to soak his wife.

Note that the basin of the feet should be deeper and more water. It is best to exceed the ankle and neck, which can play a role in relieving muscles and promoting blood and preventing spasm.

3. Help my wife apply the calf hot

The hot towels are commonly used to apply the calf, which can expand the blood vessels, prevent and relieve my wife’s leg cramps.At the same time, hot compresses will relatively reduce blood in the brain and internal organs, and the brain will feel tired and help sleep.

4. Cover the quilt for the wife

When sleeping in summer, be careful not to let the air -conditioning blow directly to his wife’s body.In the air -conditioned room, it is best to cover the air conditioner.In winter, you can remind your wife to wear clean cotton socks to sleep, adjust the sleeping position while sleeping, and use the most comfortable side lying position.

The wife in pregnancy is really hard. We should do our best to share something we can do for our wives.

However, a dad who has a super -care and superior care, is mainly based on sharing of raw knowledge at this stage.Emma is 35W4D today. I will accompany my daughter -in -law and update them from time to time. Please understand. Friends who like it, follow me!

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