Li Nianhuai 3 babies were tortured and couldn’t walk!Bone pain during pregnancy is more difficult to bear than having a baby

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How difficult is birth baby?

There are Bao Ma concluded that pregnancy is like Western Scriptures, and it is necessary to experience the difficulty of 1981 …

However, to say that the most unbearable in all kinds of suffering, maybe many Baoma will vote for real -name for the "pubic separation". Everyone who has experienced it knows that it is too terrible!

A while ago, Li Nian Li Nian, a star -starred star, shared that she was pregnant for more than 6 months. She was so difficult to walk because of the separation of the pubic bone.

In fact, Li Nian had a problem of separation of the pubic bone, and had a period of torture.

This time, she was pregnant with a third child. After more than 5 months, the pubic pain had been tortured. She couldn’t move the way. She felt pain at night, and she couldn’t sleep. Only by the pillow of the pregnant woman can it be relieved slightly.

It is said that it is most painful during childbirth, but Baoma who has experienced the separation of the pubic bone knows that this pain is 100 times more uncomfortable than when there is a baby.

When the situation is severe, let alone walking, turning over and bed pain, even wearing pants pain, it is simply doubtful, and even a wheelchair.

The pubic bone is located at the junction of the inside of the thigh and the lower abdomen. Normally, the pubic bone is linked by ligaments. The gap is only about 4-6mm, so it is also known as the "pubic bone combination".

But obviously, such a small distance is not enough to make the baby pass.

Therefore, in the third trimester, expectant mothers will secrete hormones to relax the ligaments between the pubic bone, which will cause the unblocked distance of the pubic bone to increase the baby to give birth smoothly.

Once the distance between the pubic bone on both sides exceeds 10mm, there may be extremely strong pain.

In addition to sitting or lying down, as long as you get up or turn over, there will be obvious pain on your legs.

Generally speaking, according to the degree of pubic separation, we divide it into three types: "mild separation (10-14mm)", "moderate separation (14-20mm)" and "severe separation (> 20mm)".

Fortunately, although the pain in the uncomfortable separation of the pubic bone is unbearable, the incidence is only 1/30000-1/300, which is not very high. Most pregnant mothers do not have to experience such torture.

Studies have found that if the fetus is too large, the pregnant mother is too fat or too thin, the fertility interval is too short, or the pregnant mother’s pubic bone combination is relatively weak, it will be more likely to have a "pubic abolition of the pubic bone".

Therefore, we must try to prevent as much as possible during pregnancy and pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. Moderate exercise, control weight

During pregnancy, controlling weight during pregnancy is crucial. Once the weight is too high and the pubic bone bears the pressure, it is prone to "unblocked pubic bone separation".

From the beginning of pregnancy, until in the middle and late pregnancy, we must always exercise, exercise moderately, control our own diet, maintain sufficient nutrition, and avoid excessive weight gain.

2. Avoid tiredness

The spacing of the pubic bone during pregnancy will expand, so pay attention not to mention heavy things, so that you are too tired.

The body load is worse, excessive force, and often bend over, which will cause high pressure on the legs, which will cause the pubic bone to separate.

3. Control the interval time of fertility

During fertility, the spacing of the pubic bone will gradually increase under hormone secretion, and generally recover after giving birth.

However, if the fertility interval is too short, the pubic backing is not completely closed, and the gap will be wider.

Therefore, don’t be anxious to have a baby. Even if you want to fight for the second child, you have to wait for the second child to give the body a recovery period. Try to consider the second child in 2-3 years after giving birth.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that most people are separated by pubic bone and can recover by themselves after 3-8 months after giving birth. There is no additional treatment.

However, if the pubic abilities are highly separated, it has affected normal life, and unable to walk or turn around, you need to go to the hospital for examination and receive professional treatment.

If the pubic bone is separated from the pain, we can relieve it in the following three methods:

1. Avoid some actions, pay attention to posture

In the third trimester of ademal pain, we can pay attention to some movements in daily life and pay attention to our posture.

For example, constantly going up and down stairs and keeping legs, this kind of movement with a relatively large lower limbs will exacerbate pain.

When sitting standing, try to support the waist as much as possible. You can put a cushion on the back to reduce the pressure on the pelvis and pubic bone.

2. Use beam belt

If you need activity, we can wear a beam belt and put the focus on the united part of the pubic bone, which can also reduce stress and pain.

3. Pay attention to sleeping position

In the end, we must pay attention to sleeping positions. Long -term keeping fixed sleeping position will also cause the pubic pain to worsen. We can try to keep the side lying as much as possible to avoid direct pressure from the pelvis and pubic bone.

In addition, I will share with you a good method of testing my wife. When you sleep, you can put a cushion in the middle of your legs, which can feel a lot of good.

Lao Miao concluded:

The baby is born smoothly, and the expectant mother will inevitably suffer from all kinds of sins. If the pubic bone pain is mild, we can relieve it through the above way.

However, if you have skeptical life, it is difficult to sit and lie down, and you ca n’t get improvement for a long time, you must see a doctor in time, take measures, do n’t drag it.

Today’s topic: Did you encounter pubic pain in Huaibao?

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