Liao Zhai story: Wife is pregnant, the husband dreamed of his son running: I came to get revenge

Many years ago, there was an ancient village in the mountains in the south.There are more than 70 households living in the village. The villagers eat mountains, and all of them have a good skill.

There is a teenager in the village named Gangzi.When Gangzi was young, his father entered the mountain to hunt, and he met a large group of wolves. When the villagers rushed to the rescue, the father had been killed by the wolf.After his father died, his mother was worried and became ill, and it didn’t take long.

Since then, Gangzi begged for a living, relying on the villagers’ alms.On one occasion, Gangzi begged to the west of the village. He knocked on a family with only two mothers and sons. When the mother and son saw that Gangzi was poor, he took the meal and entertain Gangzi.After Gang Zizi was full and drinking, he reluctantly left.

Because the family was good, Gang Zi often went to her house for food.Later, Gangzi knew that this pair of his mother and child was also poor.The woman’s surname was Li, and everyone called her Li Yan.

Her son and Gangzi are almost the same age, named A Qiang.Ah Aqiang’s father, like Gangzi’s father, also died unexpectedly after going to the mountains.It’s just that A Qiang’s mother is stronger than Gangzi’s mother and lives with her children alone.

Because he often went to Aqiang’s house to eat and drink, slowly, Li Yan also took care of Gang Zi as a relative son.And Gangzi and A Qiang are like brothers, and they go in and out.A Qiang’s house is not rich, everything is supported by A Qiang’s mother, but as long as Aqiang has it, there must be a copy of Gangzi.

As the two grow up slowly, they go to the mountains to hunt together.At the beginning, the two often paid no collection all day.However, with the passage of time, their skills have gradually improved, and they can fight a lot of prey back.Under their diligence, the family lives better every day.

Time is like a white horse gap. In a flash, Gangzi and A Qiang are already in their twenties.At the age of marrying a wife, just when everyone introduced the objects to them lively, something happened.

That day, with a large wind, A Qiang went to the mountain to hunt in the mountain, but he did not expect, but he couldn’t return.When Gangzi took everyone to find A Qiang, he only left his broken body …

In this way, A Qiang died.Perhaps Gangzi was hit too much. Since then, he has rarely gone to A Qiang’s house, and he is reluctant to see A Qiang’s mother, afraid of provoking her sadness.

After a few years, Gangzi married his wife with the help of everyone.Soon after marriage, his wife became pregnant.Gangzi is happy. Now, I finally have a real home!

When the child was seven months old, Gangzi suddenly had a dream. In a dream, a fat boy ran towards him with a smile, and shouted cheerfully: "Daddy, father!"

Gangzi was overwhelming, and quickly reached out his hand, and he was about to catch the son who rushed towards him.However, when his son was only one inch away from him, he suddenly stopped, his face became gloomy, staring at Gangzi fiercely, "I came to get revenge!"

After speaking, he quickly kicked Gangzi and turned and ran.The back of his far away slowly became tall. In the last back, the exposed face was really -A Qiang!

"Ah!" Gangzi yelled, woke up from his dream, and was soaked in cold sweat all over his body.He lit the lights and prepare to change clothes.At this moment, the wife sleeping beside him suddenly showed a painful expression, and under her body, a little red plum flowed out.

Seeing this scene, Gangzi was frightened and hurried to invite the doctor.Fortunately, the doctor came in time, and the child kept it.

Since then, Gangzi often dreamed that his son became A Qiang and came to him to take revenge.He was haggard every day, and the whole person was also listless.In the end, under the question of his wife, Gangzi said the truth.It turned out that at the beginning, it was not A Qiang, but him.A Qiang saw him dangerous and came to save him.However, at a critical time, Gangzi pushed him, so that A Qiang was killed!

Because of A Qiang’s death, Gang Zi didn’t dare to face A Qiang’s mother, fearing that she would blame herself.In the end, under the persuasion of his wife, Gangzi and his wife came to A Qiang’s house, leaving everything and the market, and sincerely regret it!

I never thought that A Qiang’s mother had already knew everything and did not want to blame Gangzi.Seeing this scene, Gangzi was unparalleled.

Later, Gangzi took A Qiang’s mother back home and took care of it carefully.Since then, Gangzi has never dreamed of A Qiang anymore.The son after birth is also clever and very filial to the family.

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