Lily, not just delicious, it has 5 great effects. Do you still don’t know?

In recent years, there have been endless crosses of the drama, and most of them have passed through the ancient times.

However, if it is against it, the ancients crossed to modern times, it would be very stingy: Xiaomi is a mobile phone, Apple is a computer, melon seeds are used cars, and lily is a wedding website.

Today, let’s talk about Lily.

The lily we are talking about here is not a wedding website, but the medicinal materials that we usually eat, lily,

In fact, lily often appears in our daily life, such as mung bean lily soup, celery lily, etc., do you think that lily is actually quite grounded.

So, except for delicious, how much do you know about Lily?It may take 2 minutes to listen to Yuan Zhi.

Some people always feel that their throats are dry, hairy, they can’t stop thinking about coughing, and they can’t cough for a long time.

The reason is mainly due to lung yin deficiency.

Chinese medicine said, the lungs are not dry.It is said that the lungs like a moist environment, and hate drying the environment.

Traditional Chinese medicine also said that throat is the gateway to the lungs, the lung yin is insufficient, and the throat and the eyes are naturally dry.

In addition, yin is insufficient. Where does sputum come?

Lily is sweet, slightly cold, and moisturized.

"Outline Pickup": "Clear phlegm and fire, make up for virtual damage."

"Common Chinese Herbal Medicine in Shanghai": "Treatment of lung heat cough, long cough for long cough."


It is often used with winter flowers to treat hot cough and blood in sputum;

Winter flower

Or some people have weak lungs and coughing for a long time. Grasp the previous Lili, adding a good place, Xuanyin, and Sichuan.

Lively land


Sichuan Fritillaria

Some people, the cold and cough on weekdays disagree, I think it will heal for a long time, but the more severe, the more severe,

I couldn’t get worse with the condition, and I went to the hospital helplessly. When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told the doctor that it was pneumonia.

In the category of traditional Chinese medicine, it is called "痈".

"Getting Started" said lily, "cure lungs, lung dysentery."


It is more effective with the medicine of the culminated medicine.


We have mentioned above that the lily is sweet and cold, the performance of sweetness is slow, cold can clear heat, and then enter the heart.

Therefore, Lily Gong is good at removing the heat. If you want to work better, you can add gardenia as appropriate.

"Common Chinese Herbal Medicine in Shanghai": "After fever, fever, irritability."



Some people are not good at sleeping at night, and they are obviously tired, but lying on the bed, they can’t sleep, their brains are full of things that happened in one day, or they count about tomorrow.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes, the mind is the god of the gods, and the mind hides the gods. Everyone thinks that if the mind is restless, how can we sleep until Tianming?

In addition, I ca n’t sleep well at night, the spirit of the day is naturally poor, and the efficiency of work will become low.

Lily enters the heart classics, which is longer than nourishing the heart and peace. It often uses the mother -in -law to improve the certificate of insomnia.

"Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Anxin, bile, benefit, raise five internal organs."


Mother -in -law

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a disease called lily disease. The main symptoms are mostly conscious and mentally uncertain.Because its treatment is based on lily, it is named Lily.

"Golden Entry": "Lily disease, one hundred veins, knows its disease. I want to eat, I can’t eat it, I can’t lie down, I can’t do it, I can’t do it;When you don’t have to smell the smell; if the cold is cold, such as heat and heat; if the mouth is bitter, the urine is red; the medicine cannot be cured, and the medicine will be spit.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lungs are facing hundreds of pulse.The lung yin deficiency is deficient, and the liquid fluid is dry and causes the pulse.

Therefore, the cause of lily disease is lung yin deficiency.

At this time, the body will have a variety of fluid deficiency evidence,

For example, if you are obviously that you want to eat, but you ca n’t even smell the taste of food, you will be disgusting when you smell it;

It is also like I want to walk around, but I feel that my limbs are heavy and weak, and I can’t get anywhere;

No more like the body seems to be afraid of cold but not cold, it seems a bit afraid of heat, but it is actually not very hot. In addition, it is not possible to sleep well at all.

Frequently, feel bitter, urinate yellow.

At this time, you may wish to use some lilies, adding lives, Zhimu and other medicinal materials for nourishing yin and so on.

"Materia Medica Yan Yi": "After treating typhoid fever and cold, lily disease."


To put it simply, lily nourish the lung yin and feel at ease.

Those who want to support the heart and soothe the gods can be used; and those who want to nourish the lungs and nourish the yin will be better.

Of course, lily is slightly cold, so it is a cautious use of wind and cold, or those who have cold and cold and cold.

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