Lin Zhiling changed greatly after getting married. The video was like a Barbie doll, and the makeup certificate was not pregnant

Although the controversial sound of Lin Zhiling’s marrying Akira has never been broken, from the perspective of Lin Zhiling’s happiness, she is the best thing to live well.

On July 8th, the latest dynamic news about Lin Zhiling came. She has disappeared for more than a year. She finally showed up.

Lin Zhiling appeared in the video of the 13th anniversary of the 13th anniversary of STAYREAL’s self -created tide brand. Although the video was short, she saw Sister Zhiling who had not seen it for a long time. Everyone said that she became beautiful again, and after her marriageThe change is quite big.

Lin Zhiling still maintains her beautiful face, especially when she appeared in the camera, the beauty of the camera made everyone recognize her at a glance.

However, attentive netizens have discovered the problem. It has not been publicly displayed for more than a year. She seems to have changed the details. First of all, the whole corner of the eyes has changed.Really changed.

Looking at her eyes carefully, she found that she had become round, especially her chin was not as sharp as before.Looking at her nose, the whole person looks more and more like Barbie dolls.

When she appeared in a fashion hat, her upper body could only see her wearing black plain clothes, and it was a video shot in rural areas in a certain city.Some netizens pointed out that this should be in the hometown of her husband Akira.

Lin Zhiling changed greatly after getting married. The video was like a Barbie doll. One detail proves that she is not pregnant!Which details are it?

The first is that Lin Zhiling’s face makeup is very strong, and she is still beautiful lipstick. In addition, she also painted nail polish. If she has such a operation, she must not be pregnant.

As early as before, she had been reported to be artificial pregnancy in a hospital in Taipei, but there was no news.

Some Hong Kong media even described the sisters of Lin Zhiling today, and they could be said to have suffered a lot of sins in order to conceive the baby.

After more than a year, she saw her now, and the temperament of the whole person has not changed much. This kind of Sister Zhiling is so perfect.

According to Zhi Ling’s brother Lin Zhihong, she once revealed on the media that her brother -in -law Akira was very considerate about Sister Zhiling, and everything in the family was almost the main thing and the relationship between Zhiling.The most important thing is that Akira was very advanced after getting married. He has developed his career to Taipei. As a new son -in -law, he can say that he has won applause from many people.

Lin Zhiling also worked very hard. Although rarely appeared in media lenses, her international fashion and charity did not fall.On the one hand, we are developing your own personal plan, and on the other hand, we are working hard for your own studio.Blessing Sister Zhiling, I hope she will be happier and happier.

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