Look at it!Contraindic drugs that must not be taken during pregnancy!Intersection

In today’s family life

There will be spare drugs at home to prevent diseases

But for the preparation status and expectant mothers who are already pregnant

Some drug components will cause damage to the baby

In severe cases, it even causes fetal malformations or abortion

Which drug pregnant mothers or pregnancy can not be touched


External use

Cool oil, wind oil essence

It contains mint, camphor, and eucalyptus oil ingredients can penetrate into the body through the skin, and act on the embryo through blood, which may affect the normal development of the baby. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid using such drugs three months ago.

(Map Ping Luo) Due 100 ointment

It is an antibiotic external ointment that is widely used in the treatment of skin infection, but many experts believe that it should not be used during pregnancy, because the polyethylene glycol will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body. Long -term continuous use may cause a series of adverse reactions.


The ingredients include clonazole, which mainly treats skin fungal infections. If it is used for a long time, it will not only cause embryonic toxic effects. The ingredients will also enter milk. Be careful!


Internal medication

Dominocytic drug

The main treatment of nodular acne and cysts can easily lead to the condition of the fetus and ears and intracranial defects in the fetus in pregnant women.

Anti -like gland drugs such as Kobamazo, methyl oxyraine, and Paspazzzole

It can cause fetal goiter and even cause newborn to suffocate, so pregnant women must be disabled.(Preparation can be prepared for 3-6 months of stopping the drug)

The metabolism of anti -virus drugs such as Libaweilin in the body is relatively slow, and the use of pregnant women can cause fetal malformations.(Preparation can be prepared for 3-6 months of stopping the drug)

Motherwort, safflower, peach kernel, musk, boring

It is a traditional Chinese medicine that pregnant women need to disable. Such drugs can cause shrinkage of the uterus, causing fetal malformations, premature birth or abortion.There are also traditional Chinese medicine with blood circulation and stasis.(Preparation can be prepared for more than three months of stopping the drug)

If you understand the above content, do n’t worry too much if you have any discomfort during pregnancy. Do not mean that you cannot use the medicine during a special period. You must go to the hospital in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, you must use the medicine for safe and cautious medicine and do a good job on time.

You have other questions throughout your pregnancy, you can call:

Puyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital Maternal and Child Health House Maternal and Child Hotline: 64698000

Pregnancy Health Clinic: 64691683

For a detailed consultation, we must know that there is nothing to say, and to help you solve your problems!

The manuscript of this article provides: Liu Luqing

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