Looking back at the exposure of the illegitimate child of the Brazilian superstar, the biological mother is sexy and proud, Neymar: an accident

“”Brazilian superstar is well -known and handsome in football. He is highly favored by fans. In terms of feelings, Neymar and many ladies have intimate relationships, especially with many ladies, especially withMy sister’s girlfriend had a relationship. The other party gave birth to a boy without knowing Neymar. After the illegitimate son of the Brazilian superstar was exposed by a reporter, he found that Neymar had a son.It is sexy and proud. No wonder the Brazilian superstar does not hold it. Of course, for Neymar, Luca’s birth is indeed an accident, but he still acknowledges his child and let us review it together.

Neymar has reunited with her girlfriend Bruna, but the Brazilian superstar still goes out during her pregnancy with other women. This incident makes her girlfriend very sad. In order not to affect the fetus in the abdomen.It is agreed that Buniu agrees that her boyfriend can be connected with other ladies outside, but it must not be in the border. This Neymar is happy. You must know that the promise is simply a virtual for Brazilian superstar.

At that time, Neymar had received a lot of attention from the scouts before he officially debuted. They were optimistic about the Brazilian genius. On the court, Neymar played his opponents again and again with his gorgeous people. However, Brazilian superstar will beIt is easy to be "caring" by the opponent, and injuries are often accompanied by him. Because Neymar likes to turn the opponent to turn around, it also annoyed many teams of the team.

The Brazilian superstar has a sister. Their feelings are very good. There is a girl named Carolina a girlfriend of Neymar’s sister. She often goes to the other party’s house. For a long time, Neymar and her are also familiar with.It is impossible to meet, because the Brazilian superstar returned after the party participated, and the two had a relationship.

Originally, their affairs turned over. I did not expect that Carolina was pregnant. Neymar was stunned after knowing that he was not ready to be a father, so he took out his own savings so that the woman did not give birth to the child.Although the other party agreed, what the Brazilian superstar didn’t expect was that she would secretly give birth to the child. In the outside world, Luca’s biological mother intends to invest in Neymar.In the hall, she will develop her mother -in -law. As a result, everyone knows that the Brazilians have become famous on the court.

After Neymar gets a professional contract, his personal income has also increased significantly. Now he gives Luca’s mother 11,000 euros every month, which is up to 80,000 yuan.There will be such a big return to giving birth to a son. I have to say that this woman is really amazing. Interestingly, she left a room for Neymar at home after marriage.When he returned to China, Neymar lived there mostly with his son. If he didn’t know the relationship between them, he thought they were a family.

After the biological mother of the Brazilian superstar’s illegitimate child was exposed by reporters, many netizens found that her body was sexy and proud. No wonder Neymar was confused with the other party.After all, the two have a son.Do you think the girlfriend of Neymar deliberately approached Brazilian superstar?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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