Lover and wife are pregnant, my mood is one after another!

I am 35 years old this year. I have been married for ten years so far this year. In fact, my wife and I have a good relationship, but my wife is a very career woman, so she gave up asking for a child for her career.That is to say, she wants to wait for her to have some achievements, because she does not want to be a family woman with children.For my wife, I always obey. In the past, when I was young, I felt that it was good to have no children. At least we could have a two -person world.But as I get older, I also long for children, but when my wife’s career is rising, I quarreled with my wife for my child. I really think my wife is a bit selfish.At the age, others are almost the same as me. They are both children’s dads. In addition, my family is also urging.But his wife must have waited for another year or two. After she passed this rising period, in order to ask for a child, I had a big opinion with my wife. In the end, we simply ignored anyone.

My wife and my lover are in a different mood before and after. The heart of an extramarital affair man said that because I was unhappy with my wife, my mood was not very good, so I used wine to paralyze myself.People are harming myself. I never thought I would misunderstand after drinking. When I woke up and saw that I was sleeping with a woman, I was stunned. How can I do something that is sorry for my wife?The quarrel is unhappy. We are always two sons, and I can’t do anything about her, so I cleared the boundary with that woman at the time, but the other party didn’t think so. She has been entangled in me. In fact, I don’t think she looks likeThe other small three are so realistic, and the two of us are slowly together.In fact, sometimes, I also feel very contradictory. After all, there is an extraordinary affair, but sometimes facing my wife’s uncomfortable understanding and the understanding of my lover, I also think I need a woman who understands me to comfort me.Half a year later, my wife and I were alleviated. My wife also defaults that I want my child’s proposal, and she cooperates very well. It didn’t take long for my wife to get pregnant. I learned that my wife was pregnant.I’m going to be a dad immediately. I think I should have a break with my lover now, because I dare not guarantee that my wife will divorce me afterwards. In my heart, I still want to live with my wife for a lifetime.When my wife was pregnant for two months, I also broke up with my lover, but I couldn’t think of this at this time that the lover was pregnant. Fortunately, this woman was more benevolent.We have nothing at all for a while. This child was her first love, but she didn’t want this child, so as long as I was willing to give her a sum of money, she would never entangle me. In the face of my wife and lover, she was pregnant.My mood is very different. Fortunately, love love, this child is not mine, otherwise I really do n’t know what to do. Later, I also gave her lover a lot of money to make her better to herself.

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