Low progesterone, is it a manifestation of abnormal embryos?

Whether it is a natural conception or a woman after IVF embryo transplantation, it is more enthusiastic about understanding the height of their blood progesterone.So what is the relationship between progesterone and embryo development?Is it a hyperactive ketone that means abnormal embryo?

First of all, early pregnancy plane in the natural cycle is produced by the luteal of ovarian pregnancy. Progesterone can promote the transformation of uterine matrix cells into linquet cells rich in glycogen -rich, providing rich nutrients for embryos and further development.If the early pregnancy blood gerstone concentration is reduced, it is not told to be lack of luteal function, which will affect the implantation of fertilized eggs and the growth and development of embryos.

Secondly, if the embryo itself is abnormal, it can also affect the secretion of progesterone.After 8 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta has become the main "outlet" of progesterone.If the embryo itself develops abnormal, it will cause the placenta to secrete progesterone and cause the progesterone value to be low.After the fertilized embryo secretes HCG, the human chorionic gonadotropin is promoted, and the serum HCG secreted the serum HCG at the 10 weeks after the bed reached its peak.HCG can extend the life of menstrual luteal and transform it into pregnancy progesterone and stimulate the production of progesterone.It can be seen that if the embryo itself has abnormal defect development, it will also affect the production of progesterone.

The reduction of early pregnancy P concentration indicates that luteal dysfunction or abnormal embryonic development, or both.Studies have shown that early progesterone levels are within the range of 24.92-29.17 Ng/ml, indicating that intrauterine pregnancy survival is 97.5%.

P <15ng/ml, remind that in -palace pregnancy dysplasia or ectopic pregnancy;

P <4.9ng/ml, indicating that the pregnancy object is dead.

However, 10%of normal pregnancy women’s serum progesterone value is less than 24.92ng/ml.Nowadays, with the popularity of IVF technology, it is necessary to perform individual luteal support after embryonic transplantation. When it is not measured in the blood or local application of progesterone or local application of elegance, there is a low level of progesterone., But the development of the embryo may not be affected.At this time, it is necessary to combine the comprehensive analysis of the development of HCG and ultrasound gestational sac.You need to seek further help from your reproductive doctor.

Another type of situation is abnormal in the embryo itself, such as embryo chromosomes or genetic abnormalities, and clinically common tires caused by chromosomal abnormalities and "empty gestational sacs".Therefore, it is not possible to judge the abnormality of the embryo at the height of progesterone.

It can be seen that the reduction of progesterone concentration may warn the embryo that is abnormal, but not all embryos will have problems. At this time, people will increase their troubles. They need to find further examinations to find reasons and analyze it.续 Bao Overseas, continuing the bloodline of his relatives, so that every family can have children’s laughter.

Finally, I wish you "pregnancy" all the way.

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