Many people deny that "do not use cosmetics during pregnancy", but how many love M knows the truth?

After the second child’s policy was released, the sisters joined the pregnancy army.Once I am pregnant, it seems that I suddenly become an ugly girl. Listening to the preaching of my mother -in -law, and the instructions of doctors who do not know the cosmetics industry, all the cosmetics are discarded. Wash the face with water every day.Have you said goodbye to the beauty who loves beauty in the past?NO!

Can pregnant women use cosmetics?What cosmetics can be used?Intersection

In fact, most people have exaggerated the attention of precautions during pregnancy, and some even reached a bit of a bit of fire.EssenceEssence

The so -called going into the magic, just give a few examples:

No hair dryer during pregnancy!

No skin care products!Intersection

Buy expensive radiation protection clothing!IntersectionIntersection

And the kind of forcing the family to wear radiation -proof underwear during pregnancy can be said to be enough. I really think of laughing.

Well, today we only discuss cosmetics, so the only thing to say loudly is:

Skin care products must be used during pregnancy and lactation!And use it well, take it seriously, don’t make up!

Pregnant mothers and lactation mothers are very necessary to use skin care products.Endocrine changes at this stage can easily cause skin differences and skin more problems with the skin than before. Dry, sensitive, acne, spots, aging … Especially easy to grow spots, acne, and relax the skin.If you do n’t care well at this time, it is difficult to make a few times more money and energy in the future.It’s a pity that most people don’t understand this at all.

Learn about the belief of many mothers who sacrifice everything for the baby.

But does the use of skin care products affect health?


It does not need to become ugliness and affect the mood and affect health.

Misunderstanding 1: You should not make up if you are pregnant

As soon as you learn that you are pregnant, your family will immediately order you to ban makeup, because the chemical composition of makeup products will penetrate the skin and blood, which will easily lead to fetal malformation and miscarriage.Is this right right?

Rumor: The most basic function of cosmetics is to cover.Most foundation, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil can only stay on the surface of the skin, and does not harm any harm to the human body.As long as you use cosmetics that are tested in a legal and compliance, you can ensure harmless fetal.

Although pregnancy and makeup is not a big deal, there are still a few points to pay attention to:

1. It’s okay to apply lipstick, but it is not good to eat it.The lipstick contains wool fat is a substance with strong adsorption. It can adsorb the dust, bacteria, viruses, and some heavy metal ions in the air on the lip mucosa. It is easy to bring these harmful substances into the human body and affect the health of the fetus.So wipe it with a paper towel before drinking water.

2. Press the pause key!Although there is no clinical experiment that hair dye affects fetal development, some hairdressing brands have launched plant -based dye creams that pregnant women can use.But for the hairdressing salon industry, which is not too good at present, do not dye your hair.

3. Pass first.Nail polish contains volatile chemical solve benzene, and benzene compounds have been determined by the World Health Organization as a strong carcinogenic substance.So mothers during pregnancy and lactation, please do not use nail polish.

Misunderstanding 2: Can I only use skin care products for pregnant women with pregnancy?

It is also necessary to maintain during pregnancy, but often fear of skin care products, so all kinds of skin care products that are under the banner of "pregnant women" are available.Are these skin care products really suitable for pregnant women?

Rumor: The so -called skin care products for pregnant women are nothing more than adding less alcohol aromatherapy preservatives.You don’t need to throw off the security brand you have used.

Can pregnant people use cosmetics?

able!During pregnancy, the child absorbs nutrition through the umbilical cord. The mother’s arterial blood vessels are squeezed, the blood is squeezed to the umbilical cord, and the baby is absorbed.

The skin’s skin is divided into three layers, the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue, the arterial blood vessels are tissue under the subcutaneous tissue. The dermis layer only has very fine capillaries. The skin care products are mainly infiltrated in the epidermal layer. It has no direct connection with the arterial blood vessels.Therefore, cosmetics will not reach the umbilical cord through the arterial blood vessels at all, and are absorbed by the baby.

So it is safe to use cosmetics during pregnancy!Xiaobian is now a quasi -mother of the second child, and has always insisted on using skin care products and cosmetics when going out!

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