Mask that pregnant mothers can use, understand!

Many pregnant mothers will show a dim or dry problem during pregnancy. If they ca n’t get it, they will become “yellow -faced wives”., Generally, you can use pure moisturizing, natural and non -added skin care products, let alone a mask.

Why use a mask

During pregnancy, due to the decline in metabolism in body hormones, it is prone to a series of skin problems such as dry water, dry water, oil, acne, and sensitivity.Most of the masks have a hydration effect, which has a great effect on alleviating the problem of water dehydration of pregnancy.

How to choose a mask

1. It is best to choose a patch mask

It is recommended that pregnant mothers best choose a patch -type tool instead of a torn facial mask.Because the tearing mask is easy to irritate sensitive skin, and the patch mask is more milder, and it can be pregnant with the sensitive skin of the mothers.

2. The ingredients are natural and natural, and no harmful substances are added

The safety of the mask also needs to be paid attention to. The composition of the mask is best extracted with pure natural substances. At the same time, it is not added without hormone, mineral oil, alcohol and other irritating ingredients to ensure that the skin and fetus will not be harmed.

3. Formal channels, pregnant women’s masks of big brands

Many pregnant mothers are the most worried about the safety of the most worried when choosing and using the mask, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers on the mask of skin care brands for pregnant women with well -known reputation and quality.Effectively ensure that consumers’ rights and interests are legally guaranteed.

BZM hyaluronic acid dense hydrating mask

There are 20 pieces of BZM hyaluronic acid dense water supplement mask. The first time you buy each box, you will also have experience outfits!Mild and non -irritating, deep moisturizing, hydrating, brightening skin tone, moisturizing and white, not sticky!Whether it is hydrating or locking water, it is superb.Can repair the skin stimulated by the outside world.A very comfortable mask, without adding preservatives, artificial flavors, heavy metals, fluorescent whitening agents, pregnant women are available!

BZM hyaluronic acid dense hydrating mask

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