Master 3 tips, easily solve the baby’s wake -up, know that less loss

The wake -up now has become a problem faced by countless mothers. In fact, the cause of the baby to wake up is actually wrong. Many mothers think that the baby’s sleeping habit is affected.

Yesterday, a mother also said that after the baby was born, she rarely hugged her baby. Except for breastfeeding for a while, she did not hold the baby for the rest of the time, but in February, there was a situation of sleeping and waking up.

Therefore, the wake -up of Boa Bobe also has a relationship with the baby’s sense of security. After the baby is born, there is no sense of security. When the baby is not safe, it will also affect the baby’s growth and development. Moms should also get attention.Moms must not neglect.

In order to allow the baby to have good sleep quality, mothers should also help the baby solve the problem of waking up.It is very important to give the baby’s sense of security. When holding the baby, the baby can also get a sense of security, so the baby will yearn for being hugged and sleeping.

However, the baby is insecure when putting the bed, so the first problem that mothers are facing are the sense of security of the baby. After putting on the bed, the baby can be asleep. This is very important.

Many babies are not habitual at first, but after many mothers have wrong understanding, they always hold their baby to fall asleep and it is easy to develop habits. This should be paid attention to.

Moms have 3 tips to easily solve the baby’s wake -up

1. Give full security

When the baby has appeared to sleep and wakes up the ground, the mothers also need to change the sense of security of the baby, so that the baby can sleep under our armpits.sense of security.Turning from hugging to lying down, this can also help the baby solve the situation of waking up. Moms don’t neglect.

2. Putting bed skills

If the baby has developed the habit of sleeping, the mothers must also learn to put bed in bed, otherwise it would be wake up in seconds.Moms can also be next to the baby. Until the baby keeps bed, he patted the baby’s little hand and then sleep with the baby to let the baby sleep under his armpits, or cover the baby with a soothing towel.This is still critical.

3. Use soothing towel

The soothing towel can also help mothers to solve the wake -up on the ground. Give the baby more contact towels. After a long time, the baby will feel a sense of security to the soothing towel. After the baby is asleep, you can also use the soothing towel to cover it on the baby’s belly.You can also soothe your baby towel before falling asleep, let your baby sleep with a soothing towel, so that you can easily get rid of your dependence on your mother.

There are two reasons for waking up, one is the habit of sleeping, and the other is that the baby has no sense of security, so mothers also have to master 3 tips.Help the baby to quit this bad habit.

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