Maternal bleeding emergency cesarean section, neonatal inhaling pneumonia, Guangzhou doctor carefully treats life to protect life

Nandu News Reporter Li Chunhua Correspondent Lu Congbin Yang Hong’s 38 -week pregnancy Ms. Cheng (pseudonym) is approaching. She is about to usher in her first baby. Just as she was excited to give birth, she suddenly had symptoms of vaginal bleeding.Pre -delivery bleeding is an obstetric acute, and it often endangers the life of mothers and fetuses.Not long ago, the obstetrics of the Hongxiazi Hospital of Guangzhou received this case. To end childbirth as soon as possible, the doctor immediately performed a cesarean section for Ms. Cheng.

Children’s chest tablets (the lung translusion is decreased, and the texture of both lower lungs is blurred and thickened).

The condition is aggravated caused by vertical qi, and life is in danger

It is understood that at that time, the crying of more than 6 pounds of baby girls was relatively low after birth.The neonatal department of the Red Club Hospital of the City was at first give the nasal pipe at low flow to oxygen, but the shortcoming relief was not obvious. There was still a slight hair around the lip and limb.Monitor her heartbeat and blood oxygen.

Because the baby was born shortly after birth, pediatric medicine has been closely looking at it. In subsequent medical observations, it was found that the baby’s hypoxemia increased, and type II respiratory failure occurred.When I got the latest breasts, the doctors found that her double lung transparency further decreased, ventilation dysfunction, and vertical swelling, and the condition became complicated!

Venture qi is a disease caused by various reasons that the air enters the vertical diaphragm.The incidence of neonatal vulnerability is relatively low. This time, the baby is caused by pneumonia. The chest tablets show that she has appeared in the front, middle, and lower vertical emphysema.In this vertical area, there are large blood vessels, trachea, esophagus, nerves, etc. in the heart and the heart. It is the location of the important life organs. Venture qi can cause dysfunction of circulation, breathing, digestion, and nervous system.Time ischemia and hypoxia are likely to induce brain diseases, and the condition is very critical.

Pediatrics are fully rescued, and newborns turn in danger to peace

At this time, it was late at night. Yu Shaowei, director of the pediatrics, and Luo Lirong, deputy chief physician, immediately organized rescue to perform tracheal intubation for the baby to connect the ventilator of the ventilator.A series of supporting treatment such as upgrading antibiotics, and the condition is temporarily stabilized. However, due to the existence of vertical qi, frequent ventilator to improve ventilation may increase venoma. Therefore, doctors think of using high -frequency ventilator to assist ventilation ventilation.Method.

High -frequency auxiliary ventilation often plays a very critical role when rescue newborns respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS) and pulmonary hemorrhage, but the use of high -frequency auxiliary ventilation has the sedation and analgesics of children and the management of blood circulation.Strict requirements.With the joint efforts of all medical care, the baby successfully completed the high -frequency ventilator auxiliary ventilation, reviewing the blood gas analysis and the gradual improvement of the chest tablets, and the illness gradually controlled.

Pediatric medical care received Jinqi (Yu Shaowei, Director of Zuo San Pediatrics, Luo Li, deputy chief physician from the left)

In the next week, under the careful treatment of pediatrics, the baby’s condition slowly improved, and the ventilator of the auxiliary ventilation turned from high frequency to frequent frequency to non -invasive.

Before discharged from the hospital, the family members sent the flag for the pediatrics. Thanks to the pediatrician’s dedication to help the professionalism of life and the doctor’s feelings of the doctor who loved their lives.

Picture: Provided by Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital

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