Meghan was "pregnant" and wore ultra -high heels, and the back of the instep of straightened bones was almost deformed.

Meghan Markle is now during pregnancy. She and Prince Harry’s children will be born this spring. Queen Elizabeth specifically mentioned the matter in Christmas congratulations in 2018 and said that this is a family of family members of the British royal family.Prince Harry is the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the second grandson of Queen Elizabeth. He is lively, humorous, and has a good popularity in the royal family.Because the mother Diana was 1.78 meters tall, Prince Harry, like her brother William, was tall and upright. It was the ideal prince image in the minds of many girls.

Meghan was "pregnant" and wore ultra -high heels. The back of the instep was almost deformed.Because Prince Harry is not the direct heir of the British throne, his responsibility is much less than his brother William.In the future, Harry can hardly become the British monarch, and his wife’s hard demands have dropped a lot.Meghan is an American actress, married into the British royal family, bringing her unprecedented exposure and attention.Now that she is in pregnancy, as the Duke of Suksez, Meghan’s clothing luxury is simply comparable to all female members of the European royal family.During pregnancy, Meghan walked the red carpet with Prince Harry in ultra -fine heels. Seeing that the instep was stretched straight, even more than 180 degrees, and the ankle bone was raised.little baby.

Meghan’s mother is a yoga coach, so she has always insisted on practicing yoga to maintain her figure. Since the Kenxinton Palace announced that Duke Meghan was pregnant last October, Meghan asked herself more strictly than before.Women are born with beauty. This is worth understanding. As a expectant mother, Meghan hopes not to gain weight during pregnancy. She gets up at 5:00 every morning to exercise, and her perseverance is amazing.Her efforts are not in vain. Meghan has been holding a big belly for 7 months, but her limbs are still slender, but she is really strong to attend the event to wear such ultra -high heels!

High -heeled shoes are essential for women to dress up beautiful artifacts. They can stretch the leg curve well, making people look slimmer, and the back of the foot will also become part of the legs visually. It can easily have long legs.From the perspective of the heels and shoe types, it is also very elegant and exquisite.The black fluffy high -heeled shoes worn at the award ceremony this time was unique. There were metal drawing on the ankle, no heel package, full of design, with Ginky’s split half skirt, modern and sexy.

Meghan is still wearing ultra -high heels with the baby!The back of the foot was stretched straight, and Harry’s expression became helpless.Watching his wife wearing high heels so hard, Prince Harry’s expression was very serious. He used to be a prince who likes to laugh. Now he has less and less smiles, and there are some helplessness.He should not persuade his wife’s beauty. Prince Harry took Princess Meghan intimately, for fear that she would step on the air.Meghan was far less tall than Princess Kate, so she stood with Prince Harry after wearing high heels, but looking at her raised instep, she was so admirable that she was afraid to speak.

Meghan is not the first time she wore a high heels like this. In her 2019 event, she appeared in this ultra -fine heels. Her calf has always been the target of fashion media.leg".But if there is no high heels, it will look much inferior.Meghan was tied to a ball, wearing a buckle black coat, a pocket with both hands, and attending the event alone with her pregnant belly. Duke of the Duke of Suksez arranged a super full arrangement, better than all British royal members of the UK.

Meghan likes to touch her pregnant belly. Her action has aroused the consistent dislike of the British people and American netizens, because her movements are too frequent, which is beyond the normal number of a expectant mother to touch the pregnant belly.The relevant media spoke for Meghan, explaining that this was the performance of Meghan too much about the baby in the stomach. She loved her child very much, which was gratifying.However, she wore so little every time she worked, and she wore ultra -fine heels with high heels, and she was contradictory between the two.

Meghan cares very much about her image. Every time she attended the event, she appeared in different styles, and she was all new clothes, and her hairstyle was endless.From the hair to the hair, from the low buns to the oblique bangs, Meghan created the shape of the dynamic pregnant woman.In addition to her beautiful dresses, she will also be equipped with delicate makeup and smiles brightly. She is trying to become the most popular princess of the British royal family.

Women wear high heels for a long time, and the knee damage is relatively large, especially high -heeled shoes over 10 cm, directly pull the instep into a straight line, and the big foot finger will be squeezed and deformed. If it is not for urgent work, it is recommended that pregnant women do not do soDress.This not only affects its own health, but also affects the development of the fetus. Occasionally, it is okay to wear it.She tried her best to create an elegant image with high heels, as her good friend, the first lady of the United States, Michelle, was too anxious!

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