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Pregnancy combined with heart disease is a serious complication in the field of obstetrics. Pregnant women with the original heart disease can increase heart failure and appear due to contraction, increased abdominal pressure, long -term supine position, pain, fear, etc.Symptoms such as panic, breath, and hairpin.The incidence of heart failure is 0.97%to 1%, and the mortality rate is 0.17%.Pregnant women in heart disease often affect their growth and development due to the hypoxia in the palace, causing limited (FGR) or premature birth of the fetus, so the mortality rate of children’s disease is high.Amniotic fluid embolism is rare, but its most typical manifestation is that the maternal is panic, breath, and dysentery, and its disease mortality rate is extremely high.

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The internal uterus of the abdominal cavity increases, the diaphragm increases, and the abdominal pressure increases. It has a certain impact on the breathing of the thoracic. In addition, the need to increase the exchange of lung oxygen and carbon dioxide. Therefore, pregnant women are easy to feel anxious …

1. Reasons for merging heart disease: If you are in a hurry after rest, you will not be alleviated, you can go to the hospital for checking whether it is other reasons.Patients with heart disease often experience heart palpitations, anxiety, and even occurring when they are resting.

2. Normal physiological changes.After pregnancy, the blood capacity increases, the volume of cardiac fighting output increases accordingly, and the heartbeat is accelerated, so it is easy for pregnant women to feel heartbeat.

Internal uterus in the abdominal cavity increases, diaphragm increases, and increased abdominal pressure, which has a certain impact on the breathing of the thoracic contour. In addition, the need for lung oxygen and carbon dioxide is increased. Therefore, pregnant women can easily feel breathless.Feel more comfortable.

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What should I do if pregnant women are in a hurry?

If you have shortness of breath during pregnancy, please do not be nervous first. There is usually no major in qi during pregnancy, and it is normal.But in daily life, you can slow down the rhythm. Don’t force yourself when you are active or exercise.Keep your upper body straight and do your shoulders backwards to expand your lungs as much as possible, especially when you are sitting.When you sleep at night, you can use a side sleeping posture, and use a pillow to raise your head, which may make you feel better.

In addition, pregnant mothers should increase nutrition appropriately, insist on drinking pregnant women’s milk powder to help pregnant mothers get sufficient protein and calcium, and sooner or later a cup of Mead Johnson’s mother’s maternal formula milk powder.Join the mother of Mead Johnson, you can also learn to have knowledge at any time and do pregnancy care.As soon as the baby is born, your breathing will soon return to the state before pregnancy, and the shortage of breath will not be available.

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How do pregnant women prevent panic and breath?

To ensure a healthy and balanced diet, to provide babies with all necessary nutrition, and at the same time, avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy.Don’t eat too much high fat, high salt and high sugar foods, because such foods will gain weight and make you breathless.Drink plenty of water every day and reduce ingestion of caffeine and other drinks that cause you more frequent urine to avoid dehydration.

Eat more iron -rich foods, such as lean meat, dark green vegetables and dark fruits, and make sure you take sufficient vitamin C to help you absorb iron in food.If you eat too much beans with dark shells, such as red cashews or flower spots, it may affect your body’s ability to absorb iron from other foods.And use such food as a protein source.

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