Men are prone to fat belly, women are prone to fat butt, how to lose weight?

Have you found that women first fat thighs and hips, men first fat?

The answer to this question is related to how the body stores fat.When men increase fat, the default storage position of the human body system is the abdomen, and the storage position of women is thighs and hips.

Li Zhaoping, director of the Human Nutrition Center of the University of California, Los Angeles, said in an interview with the American Life Sciences website in 2017 that if men eat too much and do not exercise sufficient exercise, the abdominal space for storage of fat is not enough.Once the man has a big belly, his other body parts will start to store fat, which is very unfavorable to health.①

In contrast, due to estrogen, women tend to store fat in hips and legs, especially thighs.Fat stored in these parts can provide them with energy when they are pregnant or breastfeeding.In addition, once women enter the menopause, the estrogen content in their bodies will decrease.At this time, the woman’s body stopped storing fat on the hips and legs and turned to the abdomen.This is why some elderly women also grow their belly.

Fortunately, when the exercise starts, the abdomen is usually the first part of the meat.Whether men or women, if you have a big belly, you need to adjust your lifestyle.①

Women, men

How to reduce meat and lose weight?

[Recommend women to lose weight]

1. Take a big step

Walking can exercise your hips, but if you walk as a weight loss exercise, you can’t just walk like usual. Only by striding forward, you can move your thigh muscles.②

2. Lift your legs

Living on the side of the leg is also a very common skinny leg. Its main role is to reduce the fat on the inside of the leg.Slowly raise a leg from the side, keep the whole body straight into a straight line.The more you practice, the better the effect.The focus of this action is that the speed of the upper and lower swing should not be too large, and it should be light and light.③

3. Kick back

Kicking back is also one of the methods of thin thighs.The speed of kicking backwards should not be too fast. After kicking back to the limit, keep the movement for 5 seconds, then restore the original posture, and then repeat the exercise.Play at least 10-15 times a time.③

4. Step on the bicycle

Stepping on the bicycle can reduce the fat on the inside of the thighs.Use the power of the waist to support the buttocks, walk in the air in the air, and keep your hands parallel.Repeat the action of stepping on the bicycle repeatedly.③

[Recommended men to reduce their belly]

1. Sit up and sit straight

Sitting in the office, always bent down at the computer. The abdominal muscles were very relaxed, and the abdomen was relaxed without knowing it.The most effective way to reduce belly is to work straight to work.But sitting straight for 10 minutes, then rest for a minute to practice.④

2. Abdominal breathing

There is also a very simple way to reduce belly, which is mainly completed through abdominal breathing.You can quickly breathe to drive the exercise of the abdominal muscles; you can also sit on the chair with both hands. When you are exhaling, you can slowly lift your legs up. When you inhale, put your legs down and the toes.Between suction and one call, the abdominal muscles also exercise.④

3. Walking the pulse

When walking, we can take some movements, such as knocking the pulse, which can help reduce the waist circumference well.The location of the pulse does not need to be looking for it. It surrounds the waist, like our belt.If your stomach is soft and there is a "life -saving circle", you may wish to knock on the left and right waists on both hands when walking, and persist for half an hour a day.⑤

4. Back pad pillow

When lying on the back, a pillow can help reduce your belly, which is especially suitable for lazy people who do not like sports.First lie flat on the floor or bed, choose a soft pillow under the back. At this time, you will feel that the entire abdominal muscles are very tight, and the back will be stretched.Let the feet of your feet oppose it for 15-30 minutes a day.You can adjust the height of the pillow according to your own tolerance.It should be reminded that people with poor cervical spine or high blood pressure should be done with caution.⑥

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