Men have been derailed for two years, and Primary Three forced the palace for three months. What should I do if I want to separate Xiaosan?

What would you do if you encountered the other half derailed and betrayed to find the palace for the house?

Do you directly exit the derailed scumbag and some property to Xiaosan, or persist, and die with Xiao San?

Many original matters may not know how difficult it is to choose at all, because the needle only knows how it hurts!

This case is a derailment case just handled by Lanfang some time ago. Ms. Zhou came to me to help separate Primary Three.

Ms. Zhou and I told me that her friends around said she should divorce, but they didn’t understand her difficulties at all.

Ms. Zhou has married her husband for ten years.

Before the birth of a second child was born, she was a sales manager in a private company. The monthly salary was tens of thousands of dollars, and the year -end award of more than 100,000 or more made a lot of money.

Her husband also had a company with her at first, but she did not develop well. The two were college couples.

People in the company also know the relationship between the two people, so her husband is not as good as her, and the people around you will occasionally discuss it.

Her husband is probably heard something bad, did not say anything to her, resigned directly and changed jobs, and the salary was not high.

I thought about starting a business later. At that time, the two were ready to get married to buy a new house, deposit hundreds of thousands

Ms. Zhou actually didn’t want her husband to start a business, but her husband insisted that Ms. Zhou did not want to hurt feelings because of money, so she agreed.

Her husband’s company is okay. Although it is difficult to start, he insisted on it later.

In the middle, her husband wanted Ms. Zhou to resign from her company to help herself, but was rejected by Ms. Zhou.

Ms. Zhou is very rational and says that she can make money here. If her husband fails to start a business, the two will not have no money to spend.

Her husband thinks that Ms. Zhou said it makes sense, and did not force Ms. Zhou. Later, the company did the money to buy a house.

In the first year of marriage, Ms. Zhou became pregnant. She had a son and had a son. Her mother -in -law came to help her take care of her child.

Ms. Zhou said that when her mother -in -law first came, she was very good for her. She returned to work after her maternity leave after her maternity leave.

At that time, her mother -in -law also helped bring her children. The child eats milk powder. Ms. Zhou does not need to worry about the child.

This more comfortable day, Ms. Zhou was pregnant with a second child, and after giving birth to a second child,

Her mother -in -law couldn’t take care of it alone. Ms. Zhou wanted to hire a nanny. As a result, the nanny and her mother -in -law always had contradictions.

Her husband advised Ms. Zhou to say that Ms. Zhou has worked hard for so many years. Now her company’s profitability is good.

You don’t need Ms. Zhou for so hard, you can go home to rest by the way. Ms. Zhou is unwilling at first.

But her mother -in -law might secretly say something to the child. The child always called when she was working during the day, crying and saying she missed her or the like.

No mother can bear it, and ignores her child’s demands. In the end, Ms. Zhou chose to return to her family.

And this is the derailed foreshadowing of Ms. Zhou. At first, she had a good relationship with her mother -in -law, but she would have contradictions together every day.

Many mother -in -law are, when you make money, I respect you, you go home and bring your baby to make money, I will start to point you,

Ms. Zhou’s mother -in -law is no exception. It seems that the goodness of Ms. Zhou was camouflage before, and there was no contradiction between the two.

Ms. Zhou’s husband started to reconcile at first, and began to ignore it later, and even started to escape from home until he was found to be derailed.

Primary three is to find the door directly. Ms. Zhou and her mother -in -law brought their children at home. Xiao San came to the door and said that she was pregnant with a derailed man.

The meaning is very clear. It is said that Ms. Zhou and her mother -in -law are not good at each other.

In the words, Ms. Zhou was not filial, and Ms. Zhou was degraded. By the way, Ms. Zhou, Ms. Zhou, and then forced Ms. Zhou to divorce.

Although Ms. Zhou’s mother -in -law is disagree with Ms. Zhou, she can’t accept her son’s derailment.

Therefore, he was more towards Ms. Zhou. I didn’t listen to Xiao San to continue talking, pushed directly to drive Xiao San out of the door, and then called Ms. Zhou’s husband home.

Ms. Zhou said that her husband’s attitude is even more uncomfortable than Xiao San’s arrogance to force the palace. The derailed man wants three people.

The meaning will not be made, but Xiao San is pregnant and has children who want to be responsible. Ms. Zhou and her mother -in -law said that the derailed man just did not listen.

Ms. Zhou also found a few friends who had good relationships to help their ideas. Friends suggested that she divorce and see the color of the derailed men to see.

However, Ms. Zhou and Lan Fang said that she could not divorce. Her friends continued to work after marriage, their income was not low, and her work was stable.

If she is like a friend, she did not resign home and brought her children home. When she encountered this, she would also say that divorce was full.

But now she can’t, she has no job or income, and has left for several years. The previous company could not go back, and the new company could not guarantee it.

If you go in, you can’t guarantee the income. The day of divorce will not be better, not to mention she gives up her career for her child.

Divorce must be a child. How can I strive for custody of my own income and get to get my child to raise a child.

My friend couldn’t give it. Ms. Zhou could only watch the strategy everywhere, and finally found Su Yue.

Ms. Zhou said that she felt that Xiao San was pregnant for a moment to force the palace. She felt it was difficult to kick Xiao San out of the game.

Lan Fang told her that all the youngsters who were pregnant to come to the house forced the palace. The unborn children in the stomach were the biggest primary three -dependent battle of Primary Three.

This is to be sure that if there are other ways to be in place, Xiaosan will never get pregnant for the palace.

It seems that Xiaosan’s pregnancy forced the palace to be aggressive. In fact

At this time, the original match was processed. Xiaosan was completely separated. If the original distribution was not handled well, it was endless.

The original match needs to be clearly distinguished. The focus of this situation is the child of Primary Three. It cannot be born to win, and it is born even if you do not divorce the original match.

Under what circumstances, the child’s child could not be born. The derailed man was unwilling to ask the child, and it was impossible to divorce and marry Xiaosan. Xiao San was completely dead.

And under what circumstances, the derailed man will refuse the child of the third primary three, and refuse to divorce and marry the primary three?

In one case, the loss of interests is too great. The original distribution must be divorced, parents do not support, and their career will be affected by this incident.

The original match wants to achieve this situation, relying on the original confidence and ability. Can you collect evidence and prosecute the advantage when suing divorce.

Is there a good relationship with the derailed men and friends when the original distribution is flat? When there is a problem with a man, can you get support?

And whether the original match can be fierce, the fish is broken, it is better to derail the man’s career, and lose the income in his home, and it must also damage the interests of the derailed men.

If these three points are available, the original match can achieve more than two points, which is a fatal loss for derailed men.

The original match allows derailed men to believe that the original match can do this extent. Without room for derailed men, the pros and cons of the derailed men can make choices.

Another situation is that the derailed man dislikes Xiao San, and he dislikes the child of Xiao San, and he does not want Xiao San to be entangled with himself.

The derailed man can make a child with a small three child, and can also make Xiao San pregnant forced the palace, which proves that the derailed man has a certain relationship with Xiao San.

It is impossible to suddenly change his attitude to disgust his third, and even hate it to abandon his child.

There is only one case that can make the derailed men’s feelings rush down, that is, the child of Xiao San is not a derailed man.

If the original distribution can count the small three and pour this pot of dirty water on the small three, then the derailed man must be with Xiao San,

As long as the derailed man’s attitude is determined not to have this child, but also the relationship with Xiao San, the Primary Three will not insist on asking for a child.

As long as the child is not born, Primary Three cannot be identified by parent -child identification to prove that the child is really derailed, and Xiao San is not clear.

Although this method is extremely extreme, it can definitely solve extramarital affairs thoroughly, and the derailed men will basically not derail.

As for what method should be used in the original match, depending on the situation of the original match, and which method can be accepted.

In the end, Xiaosan who was pregnant is not terrible. The terrible thing is that the derailed man of the triple of pregnancy,

This incident seemed to be a strong pregnancy forced to force the palace. In fact, the derailed man was testing the original attitude.

If the original match wants to completely solve the primary three, it is necessary to change the derailed man’s attitude towards the illegitimate child and the extramarital affairs.

The original match is facing Xiao San’s evil words. It is not as derailed that men do not want children, and they do not want Primary Three. They have a greater blow to Xiaosan.

When the original matching solves extramarital affairs, do not take emotional orientation, but to solve the problem as the main direction.

At the end of the article, if you are derailed and you do n’t know how to solve it, you can pay attention to the private letter for help.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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