Menstruation is delayed, is it pregnant?There is also this possibility, not to be ignored

We all know that every woman is menstruation every month, and it is actually very happy and painful during menstruation. Many people may have some dysmenorrhea, but why some women have some menstruation delayed menstruation.Isn’t it pregnant?There is also this possibility that it is not easy to ignore, so when menstruation cannot come, we should take a look at what is caused by what is caused by.

Irregular menstruation, which factors are related to?

1. Drug effect.Some hormones can affect menstruation. Long -term use will have a great impact on women’s physical condition.Especially for contraceptives, emergency contraceptives have great side effects. It is not recommended that women take it many times.

2. Reason for your own emotion.Women are before and after menstruation. If emotional instability and high spiritual tension may cause delay of menstruation.

3. The body is cold.Most women are relatively weak and should not be cold, because the cold environment can shrink the blood vessels in the body and affect the amount of menstrual bleeding.Therefore, women should pay attention to cold -proof and humidity during daily life.

After menstruation is delayed, how should I regulate to restore menstruation to normal?

1. Strengthen physical exercise.Exercise can make blood flow more smoothly and improve the body’s resistance.

2. Ensure that the sleep time is sufficient, and the schedule is regular.Staying up late will have a great impact on the body’s endocrine, and severe will cause ovarian dysfunction.Therefore, to ensure sufficient rest time.Excessive health can affect your own emotions, so maintaining the law of life can alleviate the symptoms of irregular menstruation.

3. Prevent the body from being cold.Women’s cold will affect the discharge of menstrual blood. In severe cases, the lower abdomen can tender pain.

Menstruation is delayed, is it pregnant?

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstruation is normal one week or delayed one week in advance, which is normal.However, if you have not had menstruation for more than a week.In addition to delayed menstruation, it may be pregnancy or irregular menstruation.Generally, menstruation will not be delayed by more than 2 weeks unless it is amenorrhea, and if it is more than one month, we must seriously consider whether to get pregnant.You can test it by yourself, or you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound.In short, menstruation may not come, it may be irregular menstruation, or pregnancy, it is best to determine through scientific examinations.

We all know that every girl will come to menstruation, but menstruation does not always come, so this situation is also very dangerous. Except for pregnancy, it may be because of some diseases. Everyone should remember to go to the hospitalSuper -examinations, but menstruation is more than seven days or half a month, which is also very normal, but it is very dangerous when it is delayed.

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