Metronidazole is a commonly used medicine for toothache, but no matter how good the effect is, these 4 people need to use it with caution!Don’t care

As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, and it is life to hurt.When tooth pain, people consciously treat them with metronidazole. Metronidazole is a first -line medication and is often used for wisdom tooth crown inflammation.In fact, metronidazole is widely used. It can assist in the treatment and prevent infection caused by anaerobic bacteria. It can treat a variety of diseases, such as vaginal trichoma, abdominal cavity, skin and soft tissue and digestive tract problems.Each drug has contraindications and indications, as well as metronidazole, especially 4 types of people need to take care of them with caution.

1. Breastfeeding women

When breastfeeding women take metronidazole, the drug concentration and blood concentration of milk are consistent.Foreign abroad believes that women who take metronidazole do not need to stop breastfeeding, but keep in China a conservative attitude.As long as women who are breastfeeding are not necessary, it is not recommended to use metronidazole, and breastfeeding needs to be terminated if necessary.

2. Pregnant woman

After studying, it is found that the intra -abdominal medication will bring to the fetus to varying degrees of toxicity.Drugs enter the fetal circulation through the placenta.Oral medication did not find any toxicity, but lack of sufficient research proved the degree of impact on the fetus.So women in the first three months of pregnancy cannot use metronidazole.If you have to use it, you need to obey the doctor’s suggestion and go through the diagnosis of the doctor to see if you can use the medicine.

3. People who are allergic to drugs

Metronidazole is a nitridazole drug. Anyone who is allergic to this drug needs to tell the doctor in time to avoid adverse consequences.You can choose the same medicine to replace.

4. Patients with central nervous system diseases and blood diseases

Metronidazole can cause adverse reactions such as depression, headache, dizziness or epilepsy.In particular, large doses of metronidazole can bring toxic effects on the central nervous system, such as lesions and confusion of peripheral nerve.In addition, metronidazole can also reduce the number of white blood cells and neutral cells in the blood, leading to recycled disorder anemia.

During the time of taking metronidazole, you cannot drink, because this drug can inhibit ethanol metabolism, which can easily cause a variety of adverse reactions, such as stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and headache.It may lead to a large accumulation of acute ethanol and life -threatening.

During taking such drugs, medicines and foods containing any alcohol cannot be used.Discontinue at least one week before drinking.In addition, highly alertable activities cannot be performed after medication. Because this drug can cause trapped and sleepy, you can not drive after the use of metronidazole, so as not to cause traffic accidents due to fatigue driving.

In addition, metronidazole is easy to react with other drugs. If it is taken with ethanol -containing drugs, it will speed up metronidazole metabolism and reduce its efficacy.

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