Military wedding abuse: "She was pregnant, signed a divorce agreement to give up!" She hid her pregnant belly and disappeared overnight

Hello everyone, Qiang Shao came to push everyone again. What type of novels do you read during this time, Gong Dou, female frequency, fantasy, or president’s article?Or is it trying to find your favorite novels?In short, there is no need to worry about strong young people in the future. This time, I recommend military marriage abuse: "She is pregnant, signed a divorce agreement to give up the throne!"After reading it.Not much nonsense, now start, take everyone to enter the pit for free.

Wonderful clip: The new high -level executive headquarters of that company walked directly towards Qin Xiaorou. Yes, Qin Xiaorou’s boss was directly bypassing Qin Xiaorou.

"It’s been a long time! Do you miss me?" Although it is Koreans, they can speak very fluent Chinese.

The new high -rise headquarters, wearing white shirts printed with white feathers, wearing a light blue nine -point slim casual pants, not wearing a company high -level.

Looking at the age of less than thirty years old, the hair is dark brown, and the texture of the slightly curly texture is very handsome.It’s an actor.

It is definitely the type of long -legged Oba, and if you ask this, you feel something there is something in the words.

If I said it for a long time, it is normal, but if there is any in the following sentence missing me, it is not a person who is a general relationship!

Not to mention whether it is a couple relationship, at least it is also very familiar, and will ask this way. Otherwise, a stranger suddenly asks such a sentence, it will look very, very weird.

The fat boss looked at Qin Xiaorou dissatisfied, and his eyes were angry.

Qin Xiaorou understood the meaning of the fat boss. He definitely felt that he was someone who knew the company’s headquarters. He pretended not to know, or did he tell him what he pressed.

"An Zimo, will you come here like this? Why are your identity like this now? You are so mysterious! I have worked with you for four years, but I don’t know if you are like this! You want to come, why don’t you fight?I told me a call in advance, and now suddenly appears in front of me. To be honest, I am really a little bitfront. "

In front of me, this person was a partner of Qin Xiaorou when he was in South Korea. He was also in the food research and development team. When he entered the company, he also attached to his care before he stepped on the road of food research and development step by step.Today myself.

At that time, I wanted to return to China to get revenge, and I didn’t want to stay. I resolutely applied for returning to China. In fact, I really couldn’t bear to leave him. He partnered with him to develop a food case.Like a magician, you can always solve those who seem to be able to solve the problem at all.

I really worshiped him for a while, and it can be said that it is also very good for him. It is still that, because my identity and conditions have not thought about it in that direction. It may really miss and ignore itA lot of …

When you think of those past, you will think of those happy memories. The joy after each successful development is really difficult to describe in words.

Looking at the mass production of food developed by everyone’s heart and blood, it was really the happiest!

Hey, unfortunately, after returning to China, a product was not developed. Qin Xiaorou even felt that it was a mistake to return to development, or success really needed a partner that needed the soul.

"What I want is this effect. I said everything in advance. What surprises are there? I want to surprise you this time. It seems that it has been done now!" An Zimo’s hand waved in front of Qin Xiaorou.Suddenly a bright pink rose emerged, "Give you."

Qin Xiaorou had waited for An Zimo to give her a particularly reasonable answer. I didn’t think about anything. He didn’t answer. He hadn’t come out by the way.A red rose, that’s really unclear!

I didn’t wait for Qin Xiaorou to pick up An Zimo’s pink rose, and the fat boss couldn’t hold it to the mouth. "I didn’t expect you to know it. Do you want me to avoid it for a while?People? "

Although the Boss Fat didn’t say anything before, he was running quickly in his heart. He was indeed very guarded on Qin Xiaorou, who was airborne to the company as a second hand.

I always think that Qin Xiaorou must have someone on it, otherwise it is impossible to live in such a high position directly, but after observing for a few months, I did not see what she said!

She has been arranging some of the projects that have been done in particular, and she has not seen any complaints. She has always been worked hard and did not propose any suspicion that eventually violated his arrangements.

Obviously I believe that she may not have any background above, and she has gradually put away her defense. If she is willing to be a two -hander, it is not aimed at his current position.She was embarrassed.

I did n’t think about it, this woman is really, hidden is deep enough, and on the surface, it shows that there is no argument or not. In fact, the person who dares to stumble in the back of the headquarters.I don’t know what I want to do.

I feel that he is putting on his back on his back, and he can’t say anything with him quietly. The talents of the headquarters will come!

Looking at it this way, this was to let her pit it. Seeing the two of them were so familiar. Here I would definitely kick herself away and let her sit in this position.

The more the fat boss thinks, the more I feel like that, so it is no polite to talk about it, and I don’t care about what kind of arrangement of the person who came from the head company.

In short, I feel that I have no plays, and I can’t wait to point to Qin Xiaorou and scold.

"Of course, I have been a colleague who has worked for more than four years before, and of course I am familiar with it! How can I be familiar with her? I was sent by the headquarters. Now I use this attitude to talk to me? What do I do?! "An Zimo’s cold eyes swept directly on the fat man, and his tone was not as gentle as Qin Xiaorou.

What Qin Xiaorou saw a chilling battle. How did An Zimo now look like this?

In the past, he was so gentle, and now he has a bit more difficult to resist, and he is weakened by his eyes. What a arrogant anger will be weakened.

Qin Xiaorou really can’t understand An Zimo. What is hidden, can he suddenly become like this?

But now on this occasion, it is obviously not suitable to ask him about these things, and it is very unwilling to see the fat boss.

However, An Zimo came, Qin Xiaorou felt that he should not be unemployed!

Of course, this is just a guess. What will it do now?

Well, I recommend this today. The military marriage abuse: "She was pregnant, and signed a divorce agreement for the throne!" She hid the pregnant belly and disappeared overnight. Everyone has the type of favorite to leave a message to Xiaobian. We see you next time.

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