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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 7th.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gu Tiancheng and Li Heng

July 8th is World Allergic Disease Day.Skin eczema, allergic gastroenteritis, allergic rhinitis, asthma … The immune system of children and adolescents has not yet fully matured, and is an important group threatened by allergic diseases.

The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Education Department of the National Health and Health Commission said that prevention and therapy for allergic diseases have become one of the problems of public health and health care that my country urgently need to solve.

Children’s allergies have complex diversity

Allergic diseases, also known as perverted response diseases, are an unusual immune response to common environmental factors in the body. Repeatedly developing a major type of disease that causes health damage, which has a genetic tendency.

According to data from the World Perverted Reaction Organization, as of 2022, more than 10 % of people around the world are troubled by allergies.Among them, children and adolescents are complicated and diverse.

The National Children’s Medical Center and Beijing Children’s Hospital 2023 World Allergic Disease Day Multi -disciplinary Clinic Site.(Photo confession in the respondent)

"In our country, the allergic diseases of infants and preschool children are mainly manifested in the symptoms of skin mucosa and digestive system, including skin eczema, characteristic dermatitis, and food allergic reactions."Director Xiang Li introduced that with the increase of age, the proportion of children and adolescent eczema and food allergies decreased, and allergic reactions with the respiratory system were increased, such as allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, the prevalence of the prevalence reached about 15%and respectively.6%.The distribution of inhalation allergens is mainly dust mites in the southern region of my country, while the North China region is mainly moldy and summer and autumn.

Experts said that the type of manifestation of children’s allergic diseases has evolved with age. If a single system allergic disease is not standardized, timely diagnosis and treatment, there is a risk of multiple systems.And make the complexity of diagnosis and treatment increase.And if eczema, characteristic dermatitis, and allergic rhinitis are regulated and fully managed, they can reduce the risk of developing into asthma.

It is important to identify allergies to be complete for early treatment

"A cold and allergies have similar symptoms. Both will affect the respiratory system. Both symptoms such as nasal congestion and conjunctivitis may occur. Parents should pay attention to identifying." Said Shang Yunxiao, director of the Pediatric Department of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University.The key difference is that the history and symptoms durate. Symptoms of colds usually last for 7 to 10 days, and allergies may last for several weeks.Whether children can participate in sports activities normally, it is also an important reference basis for the study status of day and whether they sleep well at night.

The sources of allergies are essential for preventing and treating children’s allergic diseases and objective diagnosis from the source.Not only can help doctors send medications, but also help children consciously avoid "dangerous substances" in life.Parents of some children will speculate on which allergens are in the work.Shang Yunxiao said that this self -assessment is not advisable and it is easy to delay healing.At present, allergen testing methods commonly used in clinicals include serum allergen testing and skin spiny test. It is recommended to go to the pediatric or allergic reaction department of a regular hospital for examination.

In terms of treatment, allergic diseases are chronic non -infectious diseases. The main strategies for management include avoiding allergens or using specific immunotherapy, as well as symptomatic treatment of drugs.

Xiang Li said that she must pay enough attention to early recognition and effective treatment of allergies, but also avoid problems such as unscientific, insufficient self -judgment and insufficient treatment, and adhere to information from professional medical institutions and authoritative channels.For example, when the child is diagnosed with food allergies, you should closely follow up during the dietary avoidance process, and adjust the diet structure and supplement nutrients in a timely manner to maintain the normal growth and development of the child.Do not stop drugs and add medicine without authorization to ensure the effectiveness and safety of treatment.

Treatment requires both drugs and chronic disease management

Allergic diseases are prone to repeated attacks due to environmental factors during the growth of children and adolescents.Experts suggest that we must emphasize both drug treatment and pay attention to the management of chronic diseases of non -drug.On the one hand, parents, schools, etc. can strengthen the awareness of diseases and help children do allergic health management.On the other hand, you can do more articles on "treatment of diseases", build a strong public health system, increase the prevention and prevention of allergic diseases, and introduce the guidelines for standardized diagnosis, treatment and disease management with feasibility and guiding significance.

Xiang Li, the director of the National Children’s Medical Center and Director of the Allergies Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, was checked for the children.(Photo confession in the respondent)

Xiang Li believes that at the clinical level, to fully identify and accurately diagnose, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall situation and the nature of the children, and avoid the symptoms of the system of breathing, skin, digestive tract, or mucous membranes in isolation.This puts forward higher requirements for the training of pediatric specialists.To this end, we can continue to strengthen the construction of pediatric talents and improve the pediatric health care system from the aspects of regularly systematically conducting grass -roots pediatric talent training, building a one -stop allergic diagnosis and treatment center, and carrying out multi -disciplinary diagnosis and treatment.

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