Miracle!Zhejiang conjoined baby girl survive, 20 years later, married and have children: dreamed of dreaming on this day

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In the afternoon of the winter, Kangkang, who was more than 1 year old in Yueqing, Wenzhou, held a small milk dog to play. The two cubs were shrouded in a soft golden light. A female voice came out in the supermarket: Don’t run away!

Seeing this scene, Ji Jinfa, director of the newborn surgery of Zhejiang University, couldn’t help sighing, "This child looks exactly the same as when Beibei was a child!" In this trip, he and his colleagues made a special trip to visit a special special time that year.Children.

In 2000, Huang Lanjuan, a Ruian from Wenzhou, gave birth to a pair of conjoined baby girls at the central hospital of Ruiantang, and then transferred to Zhejiang University Pediatric Hospital. The medical staff cordially called them "babies, Beibei".

Lian together baby, Beibei picture source: Data Photo

After the separation surgery, my sister and baby died unfortunately. The sister Beibei survived and was the first conjoined baby survivor in Zhejiang.In the next childhood and adolescence, Beibei experienced several operations, divorced parents, and running away from home … It has endured the pain that ordinary people are unimaginable.

But at the time of adults, she met love and miraculously gave birth to a healthy boy.For the first time, she finally ushered in a late flower season …

Little couples look at shops with children,

She dreamed of dreamed of a little day when she dreamed

Huang Lanjuan is a warm and capable Wenzhou woman. She runs a supermarket connected by several stores. Beibei and her husband Xiao Liu played in the store to help.

Seeing the medical careers of Zhejiang University, she was busy taking out various drinks, "Give you a grapefruit to you! You are the biggest benefactor of Beibei!" Everyone was amused by her.

The Golden Fa and Beibei have not seen it in the past 7 years. The childish girl who has been childish in memory has faded the adolescent green, exuding the gentle and mature temperament of the novice mother."The woman is weak, but the mother is just." When her son was born, she made such a sentence in the circle of friends.

Her husband Xiao Liu was a white northern man who smiled when he spoke."His nose is tall, but fortunately his son inherited him, unlike me without the bridge of the nose." He was boasted by Babei, and he grinned even more.

The age of 1 is the incomplete stage of the little boy. Kangkang led the puppy to walk in and go up and down the steps. He didn’t pay attention to the sight of the adults, and could not stop for a moment.

Kangkang and puppy play

Ji Yan, deputy director of the Child Health Department of Zhejiang University, evaluated his development on the spot: independent up and down stairs, retreat, and small running are very stable, indicating that the great sports ability is very good, and he has reached the level of 2 years of age.Social and understanding ability is basically matched with 17 months old, but the language expression ability is relatively backward.In general, it is a healthy and vibrant boy.

A caring husband, a healthy son, and a puppy who came from time to time.In such a comfortable little day, Beibei did not dare to think about it before.

At the time of adults,

Destiny accidentally handed a sweet adult ceremony

The turning point of Beibei’s life occurred at the age of 18, and her fate accidentally handed her a sweet adult gift.

Due to many operations and changes, Beibei has dropped too many studies. He was still in elementary school until he was 16 years old, and he was always the oldest student in his class.At the time of rebellion, she had no intention to study and chose to end her studies and go out to work.

In the summer of 2018, Beibei entered the work of an electronic component factory in Leqing and met her 3 -year -old Liu.Xiao Liu took her master and was responsible for teaching her to pretend to be relatives. The two young people secretly affection at work and privately added WeChat in private.

During the ambiguous period, Beibei talked about a conjoined baby when he was born.Driven by curiosity, Xiao Liu returned home to check the news of the year, only to know that the weak girl with a weak Wenwen experienced so bumpy.

The baby and Beibei are connected as soon as they are born, and the connection parts from the umbilical to the perineal. Medical terms are called "sciatica".They have independent hearts, liver, kidney, and bladder, but they have many deformities such as digestive systems, reproductive systems, and urinary tracts.Among them, Beibei has no anus, no independent rectum and colon, sharing a colon with the baby, and the distal small intestine is connected to each other.

After the separation surgery of Zhejiang University, the baby died unfortunately, and Beibei survived stubbornly.In the following two years, she has experienced surgery, including anal molding surgery three times.

After a full 10 years, Beibei, who should have followed up, no longer appeared, and the hospital completely lost contact with her.It wasn’t until 2013 that her parents took her to retract again.

The Golden Fa said that Beibei lacks normal sphincter, so it is impossible to control the anus independently, causing stool incontinence.

The doctor first made her "Glores muscle on behalf of the anal muscle" and "lean muscle substitutional muscle ciber", and used the muscles of the legs and hip to increase the anus control;Go to the navel to make a small 0.5 centimeter, excrete part of the feces through the presence.

"I know your situation." Broken, Xiao Liu admitted that he checked the information and learned about the suffering of Babe’s eating in these years, as well as hidden physical defects.

Beibei thought that this love would end like most first love, but it was a confession that did not expect to wait.

"He doesn’t dislike me, but it’s better to me. I am very moved." Now I recalled that the expression of a girl when she was in love.

Pregnancy is unexpected by everyone,

Everyone takes care of the small life that comes hard

When love grows, a small life is also quietly sprouting.

When the doctor told Beibei, "You are pregnant", she couldn’t believe her ears.After slowing down, the little couple was shocked and happy, and was so happy.

After walking out of the clinic, Beibei called her mother. Huang Lanjuan’s first reaction was, "What is a joke, do you lie to me?"The uterus ", these will hinder conception.

The twin -uterus is a uterine malformations, and the bottom of the uterus is incomplete, which causes a corner of each side on both sides of the uterus, and the appearance presents a "heart type".Patients with bilateral uterus often have excessive menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual period. The probability of abortion, premature or fetal abnormalities after pregnancy is also higher than that of ordinary people.

Therefore, this small life is not only difficult to come, but also extremely fragile, and you need to take care of it.

Beibei became the most diligent pregnant woman in the local hospital. She ran the hospital with a little discomfort.But at 29 weeks of pregnancy, what she was worried about happened, the fetal fetal heart was abnormal, and the doctor suggested that she had cesarean section in advance.

Although the doctor told her that the fetus can basically survive for more than 28 weeks of pregnancy, but she was still hesitant. "The child stays in the stomach for one day, the more nutrients will absorb, the better the development, and the day to persist in one day."

This lucky child has not disappointed everyone’s expectations. She has been staying in her mother’s belly until 34 weeks and 6 days, and came to the world in full moon.

Babe’s physical conditions cannot be given naturally, and can only be produced by cesarean section.After learning about the news of her pregnancy, the Golden Fa got in touch with the obstetrician early to help the other party understand her physiological structure and prepare the surgical plan for cesarean section in advance.

In the end, although the cesarean section grows more than ordinary pregnant women, the process is smooth and the mother and child are safe.

Inner trauma requires time healing,

She is waiting for bloom in the late flower season

In addition to visiting Kangkang, Ji Jinfa and colleagues also wanted to see how Babe recovered now.

Best and Zhejiang University’s medical staff took a group photo (from left to right: Hu Yan, chief of nurses of newborn surgery, and Deputy Director of Children’s Health Department, Ji Yan holding Kangkang, Beibei, Beibei Mother, Newborn Surgery Director Ji JinDr. Huang Shou Award, Deputy Director of French, Newborn Surgery, Dr. Hu Shuqi, Newborn Surgery)

One corner of the supermarket became a temporary clinic, and Golden Fa talked with Beibei for a long time.After long talk, he was both relieved and a little worried.

He said that Beibei is currently able to defecate independently and occasionally uses the stomach.Because changing pockets is easy to wear the skin, and it also brings inconvenience to life, she proposed that surgery was closed. "I let her repeat self -assessment for a while. If I really want to do it, I will come to Hangzhou to find me."

In his opinion, Beibei’s physiological problems have been basically solved, but the traces of psychological trauma are still obvious: she has a narrow social scope, not many friends, and almost no intimate little sisters. She is more closed and self.

The root cause of this heart disease dates back to the long and dark ten years in the 2003 ~ 2013 period.

In 2003, Beibei’s parents divorced, and she followed her father to live in Guizhou.At that time, she had a serious incontinence and had to run to the toilet for 10 a day, and was excluded from her classmates in the school.After her father remarried, she could not feel the warmth of her family at home, and was eventually forced to run away from home and was adopted by a cleaner.

Later, Huang Lanjuan had been unable to talk to her daughter. She was suspicious and ran to Guizhou to find her daughter. Then she knew that she had left home for more than 2 years.With the help of the local public security, she retrieved Beibei and took her back to Hangzhou for treatment.

In the period of innocent girls, Beibei tasted bitter bitterness, so far unwilling to talk about it.The scars deep inside need time to heal slowly.

Huang Lanjuan said that when she first took her back, she was indeed more rebellious and her attitude was not good, but she was sensible after giving birth, had a lot of smiles, and was willing to chat with people.

Perhaps the child’s little milk sound is the best medicine in the world. He smoothies the scar and waits for her to bloom in this late spring.

(Little Liu and Kangkang in the text are all pseudonyms)

Beibei play with his son

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Conjusational babies are a very rare pregnancy phenomenon. It is divided by a separate fertilized egg. Generally, there is a case of 50,000 to 100,000 pregnancy.

Picture source: Visual China

Unlike the normal monocular twin pregnancy process, the fertilized eggs were not completely separated in the first two weeks, and the fertilized eggs that were separated from local separation continued to mature. As a result, a conjoined fetus was formed.This usually occurs in the first two weeks of pregnancy. The two fetuses have the same chromosomal nucleus type, the same gender, and the blood type, hair color, fingerprints, etc. are the same.

According to different parts, it can be divided into different cases such as skull, chest and abdomen, hip, sciatica, umbilical, and double header.


On May 28, 2000, baby and Beibeian baby girls were born

On August 28, 2000, the baby and Beibei completed the separation surgery at the Zhejiang University Hospital. The baby died and Beibei survived

From 2001 to 2002, 3 surgery was experienced

Following his father in 2003

Live in Guizhou

In 2013, three operations were performed to control the stool incontinence

End academics in 2016, go out to work

Meet my lover in the summer of 2018

Wedding in early 2019

Born in June 2019

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Zhang Bingqing Correspondent Wang Xuefei

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