Mo in patients with hypertension

Ginseng, antler … Most of the most eye -catching posters and display products in pharmacies are related to tonic.When I am older friends, I talk about health, and they often talk about "what to eat to make up."Many people want to make up for ways, but is it really needed and suitable for supplement?

At present, there are about 200 million high blood pressure patients in my country.The new version of the American Heart Society reduced the hypertension standard of 10 mm Hg, which is more than 130/80, which is hypertension.At present, this standard has not yet accepted, but if this standard, domestic hypertension patients may reach 500 million.Peng Rui, an associate professor of cardiovascular department and a doctor of medical at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that most of these categories of high -blood pressure people are not suitable for taking nourish Chinese medicines.

At the same time, he also noticed that the increase in hypertension patients who have recently visited the hospital and the analysis of the causes are related to the two major factors in the near future.

Patients with hypertension are not suitable for tonic

When I was out of the clinic, patients such as hypertension often asked Peng Rui: "Doctor, what do you say I can make up for it?" At this time, Peng Rui will tell them carefully: your constitution, just make up for it, just make up for it.If there is a problem.

"Most of the syndrome types of patients with hypertension are yin deficiency and fire, liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver yang hyperthyroidism, and Chinese medicinal materials that eat ginseng, Codonopsis, velvet antler, astragalus, etc.Pouring fuel on the fire may induce blood pressure and even accidental cerebrovascular accidents. "Peng Rui said that most of the food and medicinal materials that have qi replenishment in traditional Chinese medicine have pressure.In fact, patients with hypertension rarely belong to qi deficiency and yang deficiency.For patients who are obese and hypertension, "the use of ‘supplement’ method is better than‘ diarrhea ’.”

Generally speaking, Chinese medicinal materials that nourish liver and kidney nourishing liver and kidney in Gastrodia, Jewelry, and Ehalian Cao are more suitable for patients with hypertension.Patients with hypertension can take Gastrodia stewed fish head soup, Tu Fuling stewed turtle soup, etc. In the spring, be careful not to be too salty.However, he suggested that it is best to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner and choose according to his personal physique and condition.

Recent patients with hypertension patients fluctuated with blood pressure

Peng Rui introduced that in the past few months, patients with hypertension at the hospital’s cardiovascular department have continued to be high.He analyzed that this was related to the superposition effect of the two factors.

First, during the Spring Festival a while ago, many people had abnormal rhythmic rhythmic daily life, which was particularly harmful for patients with hypertension."Before we mentioned ‘complementing’, in fact, the best ‘complement’ method for patients with hypertension is to control their mouths, open their legs, and psychologically reduce their pressure." He pointed out that research shows that 40 40 times a week 40 times a week 40 times a week 40 times a week 40 times a week 40 times a week.In the long run, blood pressure can be reduced by 10 ~ 20 mm Hg -20 mm Hg -20 mm. It should be noted that once the exercise is stopped for more than a week, the blood pressure will return to the previous level or even higher.

On the other hand, many people, especially young patients with young hypertension, are produced under the condition of long -term chronic stress, so they must be psychologically adjusted for themselves.

Regularly taking antihypertensive drugs is also a key to blood pressure control."Some patients with hypertension are more casual for taking medicine. When they come, they tell the doctor:" Doctor, help me prescribe some medicine to reduce blood pressure. ‘But the purpose of taking antihypertensive drugs is not to simply take the purpose of simply taking antihypertensive drugs.The blood pressure was reduced to prevent cardiovascular accidents such as stroke and myocardial infarction after five or ten years. "Peng Rui said.At present, there are five major categories of antihypertensive drugs. Each type has different adaptive people. It is necessary to communicate with doctors in detail about other complications and daily life.

For example, patients with gout with gout are not suitable for diuretics, and patients with nephreal stenosis are not suitable for ARB (vascular tension receptor blockers) or ACEI (vascular tensionase converting enzyme inhibitors);Adding efficacy of side effects, such as CCB (calcium ion antagonist)+ARB (vascular tension receptor blocker), CCB (calcium ion antagonist)+diuretics, etc.Usually people’s blood pressure is the highest in the early morning, so it is often taken in the early morning. For patients with hypertension who are overnight and black and white upside down, the peak of blood pressure may appear in the evening.Doctors judge the timing of taking the medicine.

The weather is cold and cold, the blood vessel pressure is "mountain big"

Another factor that caused recent increase in patients with hypertension is related to the cold and warm weather in spring.Peng Rui said that the human blood vessels also follow the principle of "thermal expansion and contraction". When the temperature drops, the surrounding blood vessels shrink, increase the resistance of blood flow, and the blood pressure rises accordingly.Therefore, in winter and summer, the blood pressure of the same person may be 20 mm Hg. At present, the temperature difference between the day and night in Guangzhou is large.

Peng Rui suggested that patients with hypertension should closely monitor blood pressure in the near future, and seek medical treatment in a timely manner if there is discomfort.

As the weather recovers, the virus is also active.Peng Rui reminded that patients with hypertension should pay special attention to preventing influenza. "After the influenza is infected, the blood pressure increases, the heart rate is accelerated, and the heart load increases, which may increase the basic disease. Moreover, the virus infection may be combined with bacterial infection.It is difficult to resist. "Take Chinese medicine after a cold. Pay attention to whether the symptoms of colds are cold or heat.C such as Yinqiao tablets such as heat -clearing and detoxifying cold medicine.

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