Moms often drink milk during pregnancy, but some milk is not suitable for pregnant women to drink. See if you drink it, do you drink it?

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During the pregnancy, women should ensure high nutrition. The supplement to various nutrition has become a key thing daily. Therefore, milk as a "nutrition brother" has become a lot of pregnant women who will choose during pregnancy.

Those mothers who like to drink milk drink without care. Those who do not like to drink are enough nutrition for their babies, and they will also pinch their noses and drink "three meals a day" ~

But not all milk is suitable for expectant mothers during pregnancy, especially the following milk, you must pay attention when choosing.

1) High calcium milk

Many pregnant mothers drink milk during pregnancy just to supplement calcium, so those "high calcium milk" on the market have become the first choice. Such milk supplementation will be better.

It seems that high -calcium milk is more nutritious, but in fact, high -calcium milk contains more "calcium carbonate", but it is not conducive to absorbing by the human body than ordinary milk.It may not be as good as ordinary milk.

In addition, calcium carbonate is not only good for the normal absorption of the human body, but also prone to some "complications", which is really not good for pregnant women.Therefore, instead of spending money to buy high calcium milk, it is better to drink ordinary milk.

2) Walnut milk and other flavors of milk

Although milk is a very civilian food in life, not everyone likes to drink milk, and even some people can’t stand the taste of milk and feel that they can’t drink it. At this time, those so -called "multi -flavored" milk become this typeThe first choice.

There are many different flavors of milk on the market, such as red dates, walnuts, and other nuts. Such milk with other flavors is indeed easier to be accepted than ordinary milk.

Although the taste is better, some seasonings will be added to such milk.In addition, some pregnant women are allergic to such nut foods, and the allergic response of pregnant women is naturally heavier. It is also not recommended for pregnant women to drink.

3) Children’s milk

Many adults now like to drink children’s milk. They think that the milk they drink for children is naturally more nutritious, and the taste is also diverse. It is easier to accept. Pregnant women are definitely good for their bodies and conducive to fetal development.

But the fact is that the price of children’s milk is not only much higher than adult milk, but also less amount. The most important thing is that it contains not only calcium, but also many additives, such as edible fragrance.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should try to avoid foods containing additives, and they are very unfriendly for the development of the fetus.

In fact, in addition to milk, goat, yogurt and cheese during pregnancy, it is also suitable for pregnant women.

Goat milk

Sheep milk contains high nutritional ingredients, and sheep milk with smaller molecular weight is more likely to be absorbed by the human body, and it will not cause the body to react.The most important thing is that among the many milk, the closest to breast milk can give the baby enough nutrition during pregnancy.


Yogurt has high nutritional value and unique taste, which has a great improvement in the poor appetite of pregnant mothers.Especially for pregnant mothers who have "lactose intolerance" in pure milk, they can choose to drink yogurt.

It is worth noting that the selected yogurt must also try to choose the original flavor, without adding sugar.


Cheese is actually concentrated milk, which is also more suitable for expectant mothers to supplement nutrition.The choice of cheese is natural cheese, not artificially re -made cheese, because natural cheese is more nutritious than artificial cheese.

At each stage of pregnancy, the demand for nutrients is different. The principle of "too late" must be understood by everyone, so drinking milk during pregnancy to supplement nutrition also needs to meet the growth and development of the baby.

Early pregnancy: The demand for nutrition for baby’s development is not very large. It is recommended to 250ml milk before going to bed a day;

In the middle and late pregnancy: From the beginning of pregnancy, it is the period of rapid growth of the baby. The demand for protein and calcium has increased, and the amount of milk of 300-500ml of 300-500ml per day is required to provide baby’s bone growth and development.

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