Moms’ teeth are not good, can it affect the baby’s health?Doctor: You need to do oral examination before pregnancy

Tooth is an important prerequisite for ensuring that the human body consumes nutrition. Therefore, for the health of the baby, expectant mothers need to ensure the health of the teeth.Nowadays, Volkswagen has begun to popularize the knowledge of pregnancy. Most expectant mothers also consciously go to the hospital gynecology and internal medicine to conduct a series of examinations in the hospital before pregnancy, but some people will ignore the examination and treatment of the oral cavity.

The doctor reminded that the bad teeth of expectant mothers will adversely affect the baby’s health, so you must do a good job before pregnancy, including oral examination!

Pregnancy is a complex and special physiological process. During this period, the hormone secretion level and dietary habits of expectant mothers may change some changes, which makes bacteria more likely to affect the teeth and gums of pregnant women, which will cause pregnant women to be more likely to suffer from oral diseases.

1. Gingitis

The changes in the level of pregnant women’s hormones will increase the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis. During the pregnancy, the level of estrogen (especially progesterone) increases, which will cause blood vessels in the gums, enhance blood vessel permeability, and easily induce gums to induce gums.inflammation.

2. Teeth and caries

The physiological reactions such as acid reflux and vomiting in early pregnancy make the teeth in an acidic environment; the frequency of expectant mothers during pregnancy becomes higher, and the love of sweet and sour foods will be increased;Risk of caries.

Therefore, factors such as insufficient understanding of oral health during pregnancy, and changes in hormones and living habits during pregnancy, resulting in more prone to oral diseases during pregnancy.

1. Pregnant women with gingivitis

Pregnant women with gingivitis before pregnancy will increase after pregnancy, and gums will hyperplasia, swelling, and significant bleeding.Individual gums will also become a ball -shaped shape, called "gingival tumor during pregnancy."If pregnant women suffer from this condition, the teeth will be extremely susceptible to bleeding. In severe cases, it will also affect the diet, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Pregnant women with periodontitis

Some medical studies have shown that a large amount of bacteria in her periodontal pockets with periodontitis will produce a large amount of internal toxins, which will activate lymphocytes in the body and produce a large number of inflammatory factors.

A large number of periodontal pathogenic bacteria, internal toxins, and inflammatory factors will enter the blood circulation and spread to the entire body. It is very likely to enter the placenta with the help of blood flow, which will damage the fetal brain and other organs and tissue, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.Even premature birth.

One year before pregnancy, women are best for a comprehensive oral examination. If problems are found, they must be treated in time.

The diagnosis and treatment of oral disease usually requires shooting X -ray dental tablets, injections of injections, and antibiotics. These examinations, drugs and treatment processes may have a certain impact on the development of the fetus and the psychological psychology of pregnant women. Even some drugs are some drugs.Can not be used for pregnant women.

If you need to take X -ray dental tablets, you should not be pregnant within half a year. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive oral examination one year before pregnancy.

Summary: During pregnancy, expectant mothers are more likely to suffer from oral diseases such as gingivitis and dental caries, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus; it is also prone to periodontitis, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus, but also the possibility of premature fetal birth.

It is recommended to have a comprehensive oral examination one year before pregnancy.

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