Moms who do not want to have a second child, what kind of mind journey do they go through?

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After the second child policy came down, many families were boiling.Some families originally wanted to give birth, and now they quickly arduous, and finally they fulfilled the wishes of two dolls; and some families were considered by economic conditions, and they would not be born, so they were indifferent to how to persuade.These two families should be said to be normal. They want to have a clear or unwilling to give birth. There is nothing to tangle.But there are still the third case. This situation is the most tangled. Many mothers cry and think about it.What is the situation?

——It didn’t want to give birth but accidentally conceived the second child.

After discovering the second child, I started to tangled when I was shocked

A friend of me encountered such a problem.She brought her children big, so she was easy to go to kindergarten, and she could finally go out of the rivers and lakes to work.So I usually go to work, take my child to the park, go to the river, or watch a song to sing a song on the weekend.Suddenly there was a time, and she rarely made her active in the circle of friends.I called and asked her what happened, she told me that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

On the phone, her voice was tired and hoarse, and she heard that her pregnancy reaction was still particularly strong. She vomited from morning to night every day, and she couldn’t do it at work. She had to ask for a long vacation home.Lying on the bed every day, I think of this problem when I close my eyes: Do you want it?The eyebrows are almost twisted.Think about it, this is a small life after all; if you keep it, no one will bring it, he will return to the original form, and re -become a full -time housewife for a few years. Think about the darkness in the future.

While struggling, the fetus grew up slowly, so I had to stay

I was chatting in the mother’s group, and found that many mothers’ second babies were unexpected, especially the age of the boss.These mothers are also tangled or not to stay. After all, the boss is only one or two years old.But while struggling, the fetus grew up slowly. In the 12 weeks, he didn’t want to keep the child so big.Finally, I had to stay.

A mother said that when she was unexpectedly a second child, she left the child because she was not hard enough, but she was always angry when she was pregnant.Children in the belly.There will even be a terrible idea, if the doctor says that there is a problem, you will not stay.As a result, the second child was very tenacious. It was healthy and healthy, and it was born until full month.

After the second child was born, the tangled disappeared, regretting happiness while regretting

Many unexpected second -child mothers said that although they were tangled during pregnancy, after the second child was born, seeing the little person, she would feel fortunate to leave him/her!Of course, when I am very tired, I am also bored. I feel so stupid, I really regret going to the second child.But when I saw the child’s cuteness after falling asleep, I still felt worthwhile.Including the mother who feels that the second child is a burden, the mother who hates is very annoying. They have said that since the birth of the second child, his heart has been warmed, and he does not understand why there is such an idea before.

What do you think of the second child, after you find that after you are pregnant with the second child?


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