More and more people are getting pregnant now, why?Do not rule out these three reasons

After 2 to 3 years after marriage, the two have begun to have their own career and have a certain savings. At this time, most of the newlywed couples will want to have children, but they will find that there are moreThe more people are, the hard to get pregnant, and it is not possible to make yourself pregnant with your child. Why is this?

In fact, there are many reasons for modern people to get pregnant.Generally speaking, if both parties are healthy people, they can get pregnant, but because during the just time, both of them have their own career and work. Normally, there are not many sexual life. When they want to have a child, they want to have children.At that time, many women have actually begun to have a decline in immunity. At this time, gynecological diseases have begun to occur frequently.

For example, vaginal inflammation and gynecological inflammation, these two common gynecological diseases have caused many women to have physical problems. At this time, sexual life will greatly reduce the possibility of pregnancy.Some women do not pay attention to their own health and hygiene, and believe that gynecological diseases are more common diseases, so they do not pay attention to it. When the condition is worsened, it directly leads to infertility.

In addition, because many foods on the market are added with hormones, hormones are very harmful to the body. Although no harm to the body can be seen in the short period of time, it may be possible to appear after a long time.People often have the same room, but want to get pregnant, but they can’t be pregnant. When they go to check, they find that their mother or male. Because there are too many hormones to eat, they cause insufficient sperm vitality, or the vitality of egg cells is insufficient.There is a problem with one party and may cause infertility.

There is also a part of the reason for psychological pressure. After the young couple married, the young couple generally did not immediately want to have the child’s desire to have children.The two have children as soon as possible. During the sexual intercourse, the two may not be able to completely release themselves because of their psychological pressure, so they may also reduce the possibility of pregnancy.

Some couples have no children after they have been married for many years, so they often want to find various ways to get pregnant. On the way, they may take a crooked road. Some people will choose to believe that some merchants sell health products sold by some merchantsI think that after eating these health products, I can conceive children, which is unscientific.

In fact, if you have not conceived your child after 3 to 5 years, you should go to the hospital for a whole body medical examination to see if the two sides have abnormalities. If you have lost the right to give birth to a child, you can pass the IVF baby.The method continues the offspring.

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