Most people do not know these "sequelae" after cesarean section.

Due to the development of today’s society, medical equipment is also gradually improving, which gives women a certain autonomy in the choice of production methods. Many pregnant mothers choose to have a caesarean section surgery because they cannot stand the pain when they are giving birth.EssenceAlthough the cesarean section can indeed reduce the pain of mothers during childbirth, the recovery of wound recovery after surgery is very troublesome, and infections are prone to, and even sequelae of the mother’s body will be left.And this sequelae will not appear after giving birth, but it will appear when Baoma has a second child.

Xiao Jing is the only daughter of the family, and naturally has become the object of attention of the whole family. Since childhood, she has not eaten at all.When she had a first tire, the doctor clearly told her that her body indicators were very suitable for delivery, but because she was afraid of pain, regardless of the doctor and family’s dissuasion, insisted on choosing a cesarean section surgery.Therefore, Xiao Jing hardly suffered a little bit, and gave birth to the baby.At that time, because Xiao Jing was young, she recovered quickly after delivery. To this end, Xiao Jing felt that she was too easy to have a child, so when the baby was two years old, he joined the team of the second child.During the fetal due date, Xiao Jing was also very anxious. One day when Xiao Jing returned home, he suddenly started abdominal pain. Xiao Jing thought it was a short period of abdominal pain.Without fading, Xiao Jing immediately sent her to the hospital. After inspection, she knew that this was actually sequelae of the caesarean section. After hearing this news, Xiao Jing also regretted it very much.But in fact, what the doctor did not tell her was that this was only a sequelae after a cesarean section surgery, and other sequelae have not yet appeared.

So what sequelae will be left after abdominal pain?The pregnant mother who intends to have a cesarean section came to see.

1. The damage to the uterus will be relatively large

In fact, many mothers often choose caesarean section because they are too painful.In fact, the cesarean section is also a kind of surgery. It is naturally surgery. When surgery, the doctor will open the mother’s uterus and then take the child directly from the uterus.Therefore, this surgery is quite large to the physical damage of the mother, especially for the mother’s uterus, the damage is greater. If some Baoma who does not care after the cesarean section surgery, It may even turn the uterus of the pregnant mother into a "scar uterus". This uterus is more vulnerable than the uterus. Those parts with scars will become thinner with the fetus, losing the original toughness of the uterusEssenceTherefore, such a uterus is not good for the second child.

2. Caesarean section has requirements for re -pregnancy time

Under normal circumstances, the maternal cesarean section surgery can only be conceived again or so, and the physique of each woman is different. If some mothers choose a caesarean section if they choose the tire, and the uterus does not recover well, then againThe time to conceive will definitely grow, but it cannot exceed this time too long. If a woman needs a second child more than this time, the uterine incision may also appear fibrosis, which will also cause the scar epidermis tissue to become thinner.Once the fetus is in bed, there will be abortion, increasing the risk of fertility.Therefore, if women are very old when they have children for the first time, they must pay more attention when they need to be in the second child, so as not to have a bad impact on themselves and the fetus.

3. The back of the back after cesarean section will be more painful

Generally speaking, cesarean section surgery can cause the women’s waist and back muscles and ligament damage to cause back pain.Today, more and more women choose to give birth to caesarean section because they can’t stand the pain during childbirth.I believe that many Baoma who has experienced a caesarean section knows that anesthetic should be used during caesarean surgery, and this anesthesia is an extraordinarily the anesthetic. When anesthesia, it is necessary to puncture on the waist of the mother.The ligament causes a certain amount of injuries, which will cause low back pain after production. In severe cases, nerve root damage, external cavity bleeding, etc.Therefore, the pregnant mothers think about their health and try to give birth. This is good for themselves and the fetus. Why not?

how about you?What sequelae did you leave after giving birth?””

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