Mother -in -law, do you have to hide the pork ribs without your grandson?My daughter only eats potatoes?

Seeing that the National Day is coming, my husband and I have a quarrel every time they go home.He repeatedly persuaded me that his brother, family and sister would go back, and we must go back together.But think about the sadness of every time you go home, I really don’t want to face such a mother -in -law anymore.

I know that my mother -in -law is a bit of male and young.At first, the sister -in -law gave birth to a boy, and the mother -in -law was very happy.She is also responsible for confinement to help take care of her children for several years.When my husband and I married, my elder brother’s child was five years old and studied in the city.My mother -in -law began to urge us to ask for children, and then help us bring us big.Later, I was really pregnant, and my mother -in -law was naturally very happy.She said all day to want her grandson again.When she gave birth to a daughter, her mother -in -law changed instantly.It is said that the grandson is going to take a summer vacation, and she will take care of the grandson.Before leaving, she pretended to let me pay more attention.In fact, I heard that she complained to my husband that I had a girl, and I didn’t expect her mother -in -law to be so cruel.During that time, my mother was in bad health and couldn’t take care of me.Confinement is very hard, and there are some minor problems.What is even more uncomfortable is that I can’t go to work to bring children. The expenses and mortgages at home are supported by her husband alone.I also try to take time to do other things to make some pocket money.Of course, I don’t blame my mother -in -law.After all, children are my own.You should thank the elders for helping you take care of it without resentment without being around.But every time I take my daughter back, I can obviously feel the eccentricity of my mother -in -law.She was meticulous to her grandson, and her good things were given to him, but even my daughter didn’t hold it a few times.It is said that their granddaughter is not close in front of outsiders.I was too lazy to explain anything, I just feel tired.

This year, I thought about the elder brother’s family and the sister -in -law who was studying at the university. He also brought a lot of gifts to return to his hometown.I only knew that my elder brother and sister -in -law couldn’t come back.When the National Day came back, I felt that my mother -in -law was not too enthusiastic about us. I also thought about face and left in a day.We arrived in the morning.At noon, my mother -in -law cooked a large pot of noodles for us.In the evening, I helped cook in the kitchen.Seeing that there are ribs, chicken legs and beef in the refrigerator, you want to stew one.The pork ribs were taken out, and the mother -in -law looked back and put it back to the refrigerator, saying that there were fewer people in the family, and everyone came back to eat.At that time, I was a little unhappy.Obviously, she was telling me that this was prepared for her grandson and daughter, and we did not have to eat.I just tried to resist the contradictions that I didn’t want to have a big festival.In the end, the four adults and a child fried a piece of vegetables, minced meat, beans and potatoes.The daughter at the dinner table said she wanted to eat meat, and her mother -in -law was unhappy.At the beginning, I explained to her that when the child was young, she wanted to eat meat, but her mother -in -law became more and more unpleasant. She said that Sang Huai said that I did not teach the child and did not tutor.I don’t want to endure it anymore.If your grandson didn’t come back, you hid the pork ribs. My daughter only eats potatoes?Can’t speak yet?When my mother -in -law saw me, she was even more dissatisfied and quarreled with me.For my daughter, I don’t want to retreat anymore, and tell her directly, if you don’t like this granddaughter, I will not take her back in the future.You have your grandson.I took my daughter home that night, but my husband couldn’t close anyway, so I couldn’t go with us.I also said that I had a bad temper along the way. My mother said a few words, why?

These days he has been calling for our National Day to go back, and let me apologize to my mother -in -law, saying that we are all a family, let alone apologize, I will not even go back, and I have planned to take my daughter to travel. Since they do n’t treat us as aThe family, why recover it?

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