Mother rabbit breeding disorder

Many rabbits in the country regarding the diseases of breeding obstacles, the female rabbits are mainly manifested in the long -term estrus, repeated infertility, low fetal rate, small number of childbirth, low sexual desire, tires, abortion, and dead tires.Some are individual rabbits, and most of them are groups.The main reason is as follows


The impact of high temperature in summer leads to the dysfunction of the male rabbit’s testicular.Its recovery time is long, usually 1.5 to 2 months;


The poor quality of feed additives and insufficient vitamin content are the main reasons for the above phenomenon.Some people are cheap, which additives are cheap. Some additives have exceeded the shelf life, vitamin and other active ingredients oxidation and decomposition; although additives are high in price, the effect is not ideal; and some rabbits are used when using additives when using additives.problem appear.The pressure particles were originally damaged to vitamins, and after the pressure particles were exposed to the sun, the vitamins were destroyed again. During the pregnancy of the female rabbit, high -quality grass can be added to supplement some vitamins.

At a exchange meeting, a friend of rabbits in Shandong reported to the author that the number of female rabbits he raised was always low, with an average of less than 6.A rabbit household in Hebei who was present immediately said that the situation in our field was exactly the opposite. There were too many production a number, with an average production of more than 8 or more, and some of them were more than 10. There was no way.There are no more than 7 for each child.The rabbit farm was willing to pay the capital because of feed additives.Use the feed additives we produce, rabbits, and the use of adding 2%according to the instructions, and they use it for a long time.Okay, high survival rate.I once said that in terms of feed additives, a point of investment can often be replaced back to 10 points!


Improper feeding management, high nutritional level, and no chapters of feed feeding are also a cause of breeding disorders.Recently, a rabbit field became onset. After the author dissecting the dead rabbit, I found that an 8 catties of more and more female rabbits had not been pregnant, and the subcutaneous fat was rich in fat, the kidneys were buried in fat, and the plate oil reached more than 1 cm.After asking Fang Zhi, the female rabbit never restricted feeding and eaten freely.This is one of the reasons for the long -lasting infertility, low tire rate, and small number of childbirth; there are also tire phenomena, and the tires are mostly caused by improper breeding management.For example: high energy, mother rabbit obesity, moldy feed, abuse of drugs, etc. early pregnancy.The author once said that "the four seasons are constantly green, the fetus is constantly green in the four seasons, and the fetus is not equipped with empty." First, there are two: first, green green feed contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which can meet the needs of the rabbit breeding; second, a large number of large amountsFeeding green feed can prevent obesity.As a breeding rabbit, especially the mother rabbit (the same is true of the male rabbit), it is often maintained by 80 %, which is the key to increasing the reproduction rate."Eighty percent, high fetal rate."However, a large -scale cultivation rabbit cannot feed a large amount of green feed. This requires adding sufficient vitamins to the feed, and at the same time control the feeding amount, that is, to see feeding, tire feeding, pay attention to feeding, see desire to feed, feed to feedFive -looking feeding method of feeding.


The feed and abuse of drugs are the main causes of death and abortion.It should be emphasized that many people like to use antibiotics to prevent rabbit disease, and the amount is quite large.The author diagnosed many cases of abortion and dead tires due to a large number of long -term use of antibiotics and should attract great attention.The author does not advocate adding antibiotics to the feed, especially in female rabbit feed to avoid the use of antibiotics as much as possible.Both antibiotics and feed mold can cause dead tires.The former’s dead tire body is green, with bleeding and congestion; the latter’s body surface is dark.

Some cases are done by a single factor, and some cases are caused by multiple reasons.For example, the abortion rate of more than 700 basic female rabbits reached 80%.The result is the result of the comprehensive effect, that is, vitamin deficiency, mold mold and drug poisoning.

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