Mrs. Li was pregnant with Nezha for three years.

(Snail see Journey to the West 6326)


Everyone knows that "in October for birth", which has formed a normal law. In our cognition, the most superb natural phenomenon is Nezha. Mrs. Li was three years pregnant for this child, and then gave birth to a natural birth, and then gave birth to a natural birth.Anti -bone Nezha, but what everyone doesn’t know is that there is another person who is even worse than Mrs. Li, and even after 14 years of pregnancy.

This ability is Gao Cuilan.

After the first wife of Zhu Bajie’s wife, the second sister of Own died, he lived on a life of people. Then, he met the Guanyin Bodhisattva in Fuling Mountain Cloud Cloud Cave.On the way, the Lord asked him to join the scripture team, and the life of Bajie changed.

However, waiting for Tang Seng to be a very long process, Zhu Bajie finally couldn’t help but find a living life for himself. He came to Gao Laozhuang under the mountain.One can top ten, in addition to his amount of meals, it is also the amount of ten people. This person is impeccable.

So, soon the Bajie sparrow flew to the branches into a phoenix. He married Gao Taigong’s three daughter Gao Cuilan.It was still exposed. The gentle Miss Gao was imprisoned in the courtyard for three years. In the past three years, Bajie always found the opportunity to return to Gao Laozhuang and Miss Gao.

Three years later, Gao Taigong finally waited for the monk and apprentice of the Tang Dynasty, and then the old Tang took away the apprentice. So, how about Miss Gao who stayed in Gao Laozhuang?

Ms. Gao was pregnant, and her pregnancy cycle was particularly long, and this time was 14 years.

When the Zhu Bajie was sealed in Lingshan, Miss Gao was giving birth in Gao Laozhuang, and then she gave birth to a son for him. This child was a pig.

The pig’s rough is perfectly re -engraved with the character and life of his father. The pig’s ring is also a lazy person. His favorite is to stay at home lazily, but he touched it before he enjoyed the good years of the great years.By the time, Sun Lingzhen, a small walker who jumped out of the stones of Huaguo Mountain.

The monks from the Tang monk’s scriptures were pretended to be fake, and the true scriptures of the people have become the calamity of the people of the country and the people. In accordance with this life, a new team of scriptures is derived.In the end of the new scripture team, the pig followed the scriptures.

Why did Gao Cuilan give birth to a pig in 14 years?

This child is more like the handle holding the heavenly court in his hands. If the heavenly court still wants the eight precepts to do for them one day, this child is the best handle. If the child grows up, it is difficult to control.It is a big opportunity. Moreover, when Miss Gao and Bajie married, Bajie was already a monster. Mortal was not simple at all, and it was normal for more than ten years.

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