Must -see during pregnancy!Very important!Be sure to do these things well after pregnancy

Make sure you must do these things well after you are pregnant.

1. Whether there is a bowworm that has been raised or nourished by pets

If you confirm that you are pregnant and have pets or have pets in the family, you must go to the hospital for a bow -shaped insect.No need to do it alone. You only need to explain to the doctor during the first examination that the doctor will arrange it. In this way, you don’t need to draw twice for blood. You can check the routine with this bow -shaped worm.

2. About building files

After discovering pregnancy, go to the hospital to draw B -ultrasound and confirm the pregnancy in the palace.

Then wait for 12 weeks, bring the following documents, go to the community hospital for a comprehensive inspection, and receive the mother and child manual.


The identity card of both husband and wife (must bring)

Ultrasonic report (B -ultrasound with fetal heart buds)

Fertility registration (that is, the quasi -birth permit mentioned before the second child is open)

Social Security Card (the need for medical insurance needs to be brought)

The teammates who upgrade the customs clearance with you -husband

3. Must be done by these 4 major production inspections

These inspections are very important. Do not ignore it. You must make an appointment and inspection in time to avoid missing the most suitable checkup time!

NT examination (12 weeks)

Also known as "a transparent band scanning in the back of the neck", it is used to measure the thickest part of the intramorapler transparent layer of the fetal neck.

You need to make an appointment in advance.

Tang screening inspection (12/16 weeks)

It refers to the pre -production screening of Tang’s syndrome. Through the blood of the pregnant woman, the danger coefficient of determining the fetus suffering from congenital stupidity and neural tube defects by testing the blood of pregnant women.

Dragon deformed (20-24 weeks)

That is, the three -dimensional and four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, which is often referred to, checks the baby’s facial features, limbs, and various organs inside through ultrasound.

You need to make an appointment in advance.

Gestational diabetes screening (24 weeks)

The sugar sieve is a test of whether the pregnant woman has a gestational diabetes by scratching blood to resist with blood tolerance.If there is gestational diabetes, it is not good for the health of pregnant women and babies, and diet control is needed.

4. Maternity frequency

28 weeks ago: Once a month’s birth check

28-36 weeks: check every 2 weeks

37-40 Week: Once a weekly checkup

The higher the pregnancy, the higher the frequency of delivery.Most pregnant mothers have the number of births during the entire pregnancy.

PS: Note

The first pregnancy examination must be brought with a certificate (accompanied by Bao Dad)

Wedding certificate, identity card of both parties, social security cards (medical insurance cards), maternity certificates, previous inspection reports, etc.

Some pregnancy test items need to be empty (sugar tolerance)

There are many pregnancy inspections, and some family members accompany the pregnant mother.

Check the clothes that are easy to wear on the day to make it easy to check.

5. Expense reimbursement

All expense invoices that start to check after pregnancy must be retained to facilitate later reimbursement.

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