My boyfriend and I have been in love for 8 years, and have not been pregnant during the period. His mother asked him to break up with me.

I have been in love with my boyfriend for 8 years and have lived together. During this period, he has not been pregnant. His mother asked him to break up with me.

We met at work at the factory. My advanced factory, he came in, and we were next to each other. We helped each other during work and laughed.

After several months, he asked his colleagues to ask for my mobile phone number and QQ number. He often asked me to chat in QQ, send text messages, call and chat, and continued for several months.Later, he started asking me to go out. There was no accident, he confessed to me, and then we were together.During our love, we have made countless awkward and cold war. Sometimes I feel tired and tired, but we still persist.Later, we left the factory together and went to work elsewhere, but it was not the same place, but it was close to the car, taking a car for about 20 minutes.

It didn’t take long for him to resign and returned to his hometown, and I still worked at work before.We started to live in two places, and we usually rely on calling and chatting.

Once, when he called and chatted, he had a contradiction. He wanted to break up with me.At that time, I was sad and sad, I could n’t sleep well, I ca n’t lift appetite, and all day was hammering.

Then I decided to go to him, I went, he didn’t want to see me. Later, he took me to see him. He said he didn’t tell you not to come?I didn’t speak, I don’t know what to say!

At this time, he was already looking for a job in his hometown, and I was waiting for him there. Fortunately, he hadn’t been unreasonable. He took me to dinner and booked a room for me. We just spent the night.Then he didn’t say that he broke up.

It didn’t take long for his birthday, I went to him, and he took me back to his house.His mother did not show opposition, or it may be that she did not show it as me.

It is not a way to live in the two places like this. Later, I resigned and came to his house. In this way, I lived in his house for two years. I did n’t get married. I just lived as a girlfriend.

We were preparing for pregnancy for two years, but I had never conceived. There was a quarrel. He said a word. He said that he knew this early. I listened to my mother at first.EssenceDo you know what I feel when I hear this?Our feelings of almost 8 years could not be against his mother.

Do you say that I and such a person will continue, do you still have happiness?But I didn’t break up with him. It was probably for too long with him. I was used to not wanting to change, or because I was unwilling. In short, I was consumed.

During this period, I checked and treated. Later, my baby came. I was not cold or hot with his mother, but I did not have a sense of belonging for this family.Sometimes I regret it, but I still persist. Fortunately, I do n’t know if I am unhappy, but just keep the child live.

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