My daughter was pregnant for more than 9 months, and suddenly her stomach hurt, but her husband was not at home … #女 妈 is also a mother

My domineering stepmother.

Women have been pregnant for more than 9 months, and their stomachs started to pain last night, but her husband was not at home.After finally cooking until the morning, she had to take a car alone to the hospital.Her mother received a call from her daughter and rushed to the hospital in a hurry.Seeing her daughter alone with a big stomach, she shed tears.She hurriedly helped her daughter to find a doctor.But the daughter’s stomach suddenly hurt the stood unstable.

The mother shouted loudly while helping her daughter.Doctors and nurse hurriedly sent their pregnant daughter into the delivery room.The mother is the stepmother of the girl.After sending her daughter into the delivery room, she immediately called her son -in -law and asked her son -in -law angrily: Where are you?Do you don’t want your wife and children?

On the other side of the phone, the son -in -law said to the mother -in -law: What do you say?I spent 188,000 yuan in colorful gifts to marry your daughter, just to let her have a son, how could I not want them.The mother -in -law said to the son -in -law: You spend 188,000 yuan of gifts, and my daughter brought your house a lot.His dad and I also married her with 60,000 yuan, and gave her a bed supplies with more than 20,000 yuan. I just hope you can treat her well.

But what are you doing now?Your wife is about to produce immediately, how can you throw her.Regardless of a person at home?I heard that you did n’t go home last night, and you ca n’t even call the phone. What is going on?You let her go to the hospital alone to have children, do you still be a husband and father?I tell you that when my daughter can produce confinement smoothly, you will divorce.I don’t want to let my daughter live with you with irresponsible men like you.

It is not easy for a woman to have it in this life. From pregnancy to how much bitterness she eats, only she knows.If she married a negative man, she couldn’t see her hard -looking.Don’t say that your family conditions are average. Even if you have Jinshan Yinshan, we will not be rare.What a woman needs is a husband who knows cold and hot, her husband will hurt his wife, and his wife will also love his husband and this family.People like you have no ability to make money, and they will not feel distressed at all.

Don’t think that you spend some money to marry her, she seems to be a nanny of your family; she is not a tool for your family to have children.Just like you who do n’t know how to do it, I was blind to marry your daughter when I was blind.

Speaking of which, the son -in -law said to the mother -in -law: It’s not your biological daughter, what are you so anxious? Isn’t it right?The mother -in -law said to her son -in -law angrily: Although she is not my biological daughter, I have taken her since the age of one.She is no different from my biological daughter.If you say that she does not have a biological mother, if you bully her, I will not spare you.

I have been her mother for a day, and she is my daughter in my life.She is my baby daughter in this life.You are doing something sorry now, and I will definitely ask for justice for my daughter and let you bear the responsibility.Family, do you support this stepmother’s approach?

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