My girlfriend is pregnant, but the child is not mine. What should I do?Intersection

I met her blind date with her in August last year. I just met like a feeling of seeing it. She was also beautiful, and we were not too young (this year is 32 years old), so I quickly determined the relationship between lovers.

She usually works in a foreign company and is part -time in a gym after get off work as a swimming coach.EssenceWhen she went to her part -time place to pick up her part -time get off work the night before, her colleague quietly said something to me, and it felt as if I was implying something. Later, when I said casually, she acknowledged it.She said she wanted to tell me earlier, but I never knew how to speak

This is the case: one night last November, after the swimming class, she was impulsive to have a relationship with a college student and student in the shower room.Later, she was pregnant, and the student couldn’t contact. She wanted to secretly kill her child, but the doctor told her that her body was not allowed. If she forced surgery, she would not have the opportunity to be a mother in the future.

She said that she wanted to give birth to her child, want to live with me, and would not be so impulsive in the future. She also said that she would have a second child to compensate me in the future … even if you want to rent a house, there is no problem.She just wants one home and wants to live a good life.

I don’t know what to do now. Honestly, I still like her very much. It is not easy to meet someone who likes it. Although I have worked in a big city for many years, I have never been able to buy it here.Room, so it has always ended no matter the blind date or falling in love!If she refuses her possible, it may be difficult to meet someone who feels so suitable and likes to send, but when she thinks of the children in your stomach, it is not a taste in her heart!

what do I do?Do you accept this relationship decisively or do it silently?Or resolutely tell her to kill it?

I lost it, I thought I hadn’t tried it in the shower room when I thought it was spent. Do you think it is possible to go in place in one step?She can’t believe what she said. She told you that she wanted a home just because she was playing with her life 32. It may be that there are still a few lives in her stomach.40 can find a little girl. Don’t be so cheap. Even if you are single for a lifetime, we ca n’t find this

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